10 most dangerous food for your dogs

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10 most dangerous food for your dogs

You love your dogs or Puppy that is why you are reading this article , else you would not have cared for what all this website is telling you about your dog or your puppy. Your puppy is different from you , it has four legs and better sense than that of you. Your puppy is different from you that is why your dog needs different food from you, although puppies can have most of the food which a man eats but few eatables are not good for puppy health and many of the times dog lovers may offer those food content to their dog.

How many times , I need to tell you , Your dog is a dog not a man!

1.Garlic & Onion: On top of chart is Onion and Garlic , and raw form of these eatables are complete NO NO for any of your pets but please avoid feeding onion and garlic in any form to your pets , even food items which contain onion and garlic should be avoided. Although you will not find any immediate problem with your dog or pets after consuming onion and garlic but with 3 to 4 days your pets become lazy and sick and color of urine will chnage.

2. Chocolates: You may love your chocolates and would have read across internet about health benefits of chocolate may it be arousing in sex and all other features but its complete NO for your dog or your puppy. Caffeine and theo-bromine in darker chocolates can be life threatening for your dogs. Irritation and abdomen pain can be symptom for chocolate consumption by your dog.

3a.  Avacado: Too dangerous for your dogs and can cause intestine to chock. Little bit of Avacado can be toxin for your dogs or most of pets. Any part of Avacado , not only fruit rather tree as well.

3b. Grapes Raisins: Grapes and raisins are sin for animal and your dogs especially.

avocado is most dangerous fruit for your dog

avocado is most dangerous fruit for your dog

4. Xylitol: Difficult to remember or recognize ! You are thinking that you have not come across any such item in your life time and thus your puppy is safe. Your dog is not going to have this at least. Think again its just your artificial sweetener or Low calorie sugar , good for human bad for pets or your dogs. Large amount of consumption can cause leaver failure.

5. Animal Fat & for smaller dogs cooked chicken bones: Animal Fat like Pork fat or turkey fat can be bad for your puppy. This is one thing which you would not have thought ever , your cooked poultry is generally with onion and garlic , which can cause problem for your dog but major problem is something different and those are cooked bones of poultry. Although your pet could be habituated of raw bones but ones cooked they become deadly and , if ever you suspect that your dog had eaten cooked poultry with bones ,keep close eye on his/her health and keep your Vet informed.

6. Moldy food: Moldy food is one thing which neither good for you nor for your puppy.

7. Corn on the cob: Seems to be not that bad but it is actually bad for stomach and intestine of your puppy.

8. Ice cream: Although most of dogs are lactic in tolerant but still with your affection you tend to feed them. Avoid this habit of your. it can cause stomach upset , if not fatal then dangerous.

9. Raw Salmon: Boil Salmon then only feed salmon to your dogs.

10. Liver: Large amount of animal liver cooked or uncooked can be dangerous to your dog due to large amount of Vitamin A in liver.


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