10 Food Item you can Share with Your Dog

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10 food item you can share with your dog

Sharing food with your dog can always be your plan but just not to hurt your dog appetite or health you stick to packaged food like Pedigree. Its time now to try something more and different. Their are many food items which your dog would love to share with  you , all you need to know and understand your dog. Keep in mind most of dogs are lactic intolerant , so In case you see any lactic food in this article , check it with your dog first , if he/she like it or not before believing blindly on us. Lactic intolerance depends on DNA of dog and its not specific to any breed. We are bringing list of 10 human food dogs can eat.

We have found few food items which you can have from your dogs plate 🙂 or you can cuddle with your dog for last spoon full.

1. Peanut butter: Rich source of Fat , Vitamins B , Vitamin E , Niacin is considered to be treat for most of canines and your dogs love to have them with you or may be from your spoon. Raw and unsalted butter is good for your dogs and best way will be to stuff kong with pe nut butter.

2. Cooked chicken : You may feel little confused by this , you would have found cooked chicken in our suggest food of most dangerous food for your pets and again in just opposite feature . Here we are talking about cooked chicken without bones. Cooked chicken is good for your puppy but not its bones moreover your cooked chicken should not have marination of Garlic and onion , if possible avoid salt while serving for your puppy and keep less fat or may be no fat.

3. Cottage cheese : Cottage cheese is treat for your canine provided you dog or puppy is not lactic intolerant , to check this first give them little cheese to check their behavior , if you are unaware of their lactic status , if they remain calm active and normal then you can enjoy more treat of cottage cheese with your puppy.

4. Baby Carrot: Its again one of the best food for your puppy and it boost health of teeth of your dog or you can say canine of your canine. Baby carrots are good in fiber , Vitamin A and carotene.

5. Yogurt: Again , you need to have knowledge of lactic intolerance of your dog else high fat yogurt in large quantity can prove to be fatal for your dog. Low fat yogurt can be treat for your dog only if your canine is ok with lactic products. Yogurt acts as probiotic for your dogs digestive system.

6. Fish skin: Fish skins are great for your puppy skin and hair , it gives shine to your canine and little salmon oil will enrich shine.

7. Pumpkin: If you are sensitive about digestive system of your dog then pumpkin can be best  food for your canine. Your puppy would love pumkin as you do.

8. EGG: Its just by chance that , I am putting egg at 8th place of this diet structure of your puppy , else most of dogs love egg may it be raw or cooked although , I would suggest half boiled egg for your canine which is easy to digest as well.

9. Oatmeal: Oatmeal has huge fiber , Its good for large dogs

Will update this list with time till then , I will be looking for your comments on food habits of your dogs at comment section.


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