Afghan Hound

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 hound is the oldest hound breed of dog in the world. They are also called as aristocrats, its a  beautiful breed covered with silky hair which is very fine in texture. They were basically discovered back in 19th century in western world in Afghanistan. They are well known for being aloof,dignified. Afghan hound posses a highly individualized personality.


A very lovable breed for their owners but they require regular grooming because of their long beautiful coat. Afghan hounds were used to guard sheep and cattle and to hunt deer,wolves, gazelles and foxes. Because of their beautiful coating they are noticeable which made them top contenders of dog shows. They can be sometimes stubborn and headstrong which makes them a little difficult to train.

He has a body structure which give appearance of dignity and aloofness. 

  • The head is of good length which shows much refinement hound’s eyes are mostly triangular in  shape and are dark in color,ears are long and are in level of corners of eyes. body
  • Neck is of good length which is curved and running to shoulders.
  • Back line appears to be in level of the shoulders and loin. Loin is very strong and powerful and it appears to be in a shape of arch.
  • Tail is not too high from the body and it contains a curve at the end
  • Height of a dog is approx 27 inches while of bitch is 25 inches,
  • Weight of dog is 60 pounds on the other hand weight of a bitch is 50 pounds.




The breed is a little aloof with those which are unknown to him. but he is very loyal and friendly to the owner and known. These are very much people oriented dogs at play times.

They are also good with children and are love to be included in family. They are very intelligent and confident but they are also stubborn and headstrong which makes them hard to train. Their tendency to bark is low but that doesn’t mean that they are not active, their energy is very high. They need to be socialized or they will turn introvert which is not good.



  • Since they got long beautiful coat, their regular grooming is very necessary.
  • Moreover they shed their coat very often so to prevent the mixing of old coat with new one grooming is very important.
  • Frequent combing should be done so as to make him look tidy and clean.
  • Bath could be given once a month.
  • Trimming required is occasional for this breed.



health dog

There are no such major health issues related to Afghan hound but some problems associated with this breed are :

  • Afghan hound can suffer through tail injuries and they also reacts to barbiturate anesthesia.
  • Ailments like canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and cataract myelopathy can be seen in this breed.
  • It is necessary to take this dog to vet on a regular basis to examine his hip and eye.


In India the price of Afghan hound varies between 50,000 – 60,000 INR, depending on the quality.

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