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The African Grey parrot is a wonderful and highly intelligent bird. African Grey Timneh_African_Grey_Parrot_-side_of_head_and_faceparrots require a serious commitments and are great lifelong companions. They are generally found in primary and secondary rain forest of West and Central Africa. They are also called as Grey Parrots. It has a great privilege to live in home. This parrot is one of the best choice as a pet bird.

Body Structure:

Parrot is one the best bird species in the world. They have a smooth body with long feathers. Their head is small and round. the eyes are small. The chest of an African Grey Parrot is deep and smooth as compared to the body. The legs are strong and long. Except all these things, we have described the complete body anatomy of this species according to its type. Let us have a close look below.


There are two general types of African Grey parrot:

1. The Congo African grey
2. The Timneh African Grey

The Congo African Grey Parrot:

They are nominate sub species and are larger than timneh at about 33cm  long with grey light feathers, cherry red tails and an all black beak. These birds also initially have grey irises, which change to pale yellow color by the time the bird is a year old. They are mostly found in islands of Principe and Bioko and is distributed from south eastern Ivory coast to Western Kenya. In aviculture , it is often called CAG.Congo_African_Grey_Parrot_-head_detail

Timneh African Grey Parrot:

This parrot is slightly smaller in size than congo. The intelligence and talking ability is comparable undoubtedly. They range from 22-28cm in total length. They have a darker charcoal grey coloring, a darker maroon tail and a light horn colored area. They are mostly found in western parts of moist Upper Guinea forests. It is often called as TAG.


 Living with an African Grey Parrot:

African Greys can have a lifespan up to 80 years so one can consider this as a nice pet. If one is considering the purchase of African Grey parrot, give much thought to the personal lifestyle because they do need a lot of attention. If left alone in the cage for the whole day, they would become aggressive, loud and more then likely a feather plucker. They do have a vicious bite and care must be taken to avoid any serious wounds. Yes, based on the behavior one can decide the gender of the parrot.

Health Issues:

They have been known at times to contract a non infectious inflammatory lung disease African-grey-karen-grace-1024x678called Lipid Pneumonia. It is further classified as exogenous and endogenous. They have been known to contract beak and feather disease virus. Another disease that a African parrot get is cardiomyopathy which is a heart disease usually presented at a young age.

Care and Feeding Of the Grey Parrot:

1. The greys require no more or no less care then any other exotic bird of their size.
2. Frequent cage cleaning is must
3. It is best to use either a wood chip or corn cob base mix.
4. They need a bit more calcium and protein than other exotic birds.

Generally, a Grey will eat anything that you do but remember the food which is unhealthy for you is for them too.

Behavior and ecology:

 The problem is, behavioral issues can certainly be frustrating, especially is the parrot has very annoying habit such as screaming. One cannot allow impatience or frustration to shoe through when you are working with the parrot. So, always remember to be patient.

 Foods for the Grey:

African Grey parrots need proper care and proper nutrient foods. Here is the list of 4487_1_african great parrot foodfoods which is to be feed to the parrots.

Fruits: Apple, Oranges, Grapes, Lemons etc.
Veggies: Carrots, Potato, Green beans etc.
Dry Fruits: Low or no salt crackers.
Grains: cooked rice, barley, oats.

Stuffs, you should probably not feed but they love it such as pizza crust, french fries etc.

Price of African Grey:

The price of African grey parrot depends on the type of parrot one wants. In general Congo African parrot is more expensive than Timneh African parrot. The price of Greys can vary from as low as $750 to as high as $1000.


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