African Snakes

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African Snakes:

African Snakes are the most dangerous snake found all over the world. There are around 160 different species of snakes which are found in Africa. All the snakes species are not dangerous to the human. But this does not means that the people can play with snake. The top venomous and deadly African Snakes are as following:

  1. Black Mamba
  2. Mozambique Spitting Cobra
  3. Puff Adder
  4. Gaboon Viper
  5. Egyptian Cobra
  6. Saw Scales Viper
  7. Boomslang
  8. Cape Cobra
  9. Green Mamba
  10. African Bush Viper

black mamba

Black Mamba

Black Mamba: 

This African Snakes are highly venomous and also known as Black Mouthed Mamba. This is Africa’s largest venomous snakes which can go up to the length of 8 feet. The Black Mamba are extremely aggressive and never hesitates in striking the prey or the object comes in the way. These snakes are very active and agile and can reach up to the speed of 20 km/h. Despite its name having “Black” this snake is mostly grey and olive in color. The venom of this snake is neuro and cardio toxic venom which is capable of killing more than a dozen of people in less than an hour.


Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Mozambique Spitting Cobra:

The Mozambique Spitting Cobra are native of Africa .This cobra is most widespread snake in the tropical and subtropical Africa. These dangerous African Snakes are second to the Black Mamba in the count of venomous snakes of Africa. It has neuro toxic venom. Ans it has a feature of spray or spitting the venom which can be thought of after hearing the name. The spray of venom is done by these snakes with great accuracy up to 3 meters of length. The bite of these snakes cause severe tissue damage. The venom of these snakes can cause eyes problem like impaired vision or even blindness.

Puff Adder (Photo by Wendy Fidao)

Puff Adder

Puff Adder:

This African Snake is the most common snake on the African continent and inhabits in majority of regions. The fangs of this specie is very long of around 12 to 18 mm. The length of this snake is around 1 meter in length. This snake  is known to be the most deadliest snake in the continent. These snakes release cytotoxic venom which attacks the  body cell and tissues and insert around 100 to 350 gm of venom in the prey body in one go.

Gaboon Viper

Gaboon Viper

Gaboon Viper:

This snake is an extremely ambush species of African Snakes. They are perfectly blends with the surrounding vegetation and leaves. These snakes are mostly found in rain forest and savannas of Africa. These snakes are very heavy and are 2 meter in length. These have the longest fang of around 2 inches and the yield of venom is highest.  They have triangular head and two nostril horns.

Egyptian Cobra

Egyptian Cobra

Egyptian Cobra:

This snake is native of Egypt but is found in large number in Africa as well. These African Snakes have there venomous glands just behind their eyes. They produce neurotoxic venom same as of Mamba. The venom of this snake is so highly toxic that if injected to a giant elephant and can cause its death in minimum of 3 hours. This aggressive specie of snake are mostly found in dry to moist savanna and semi desert regions.

Saw Scales Viper

Saw Scales Viper

Saw Scales Viper:

These African Snakes are also known as carpet snakes. they are badly tempered and are small in size but highly venomous. The venom of this snake is 5 times more toxic than that of Cobra’s and 16 time more toxic than that of Russell Viper.




The Boomslang means Tree snake African language so this specie has derived its name from there, and is found only in sub-Saharan Africa. This specie of snake open its mouth wide open up to 180 degree to bite. They are tree dwelling snakes, the females are brown and the males are light green in color.

Cape Cobra

Cape Cobra

Cape Cobra:

This African Snakes is the most toxic Cobra among the African species of cobra. The average length of this snake is around 4 feet. These snakes are generally nervous and aggressive so are very deadly. These snake loves to hunt for rodents and weaver birds. They are mostly found in dry regions of Africa.

Green Mamba

Green Mamba

Green Mamba:

This African Snake belong to the family of Black Mamba, but is less aggressive and smaller than Black Mamba. This snake specie is mostly found in the South Eastern Africa. These snakes are very attractive and lovely because of their grass green color, but are yellow when born. The average length of this snake is around 6 feet. These snakes are further classified into two species:

  • Western Green Mamba
  • Eastern Green Mamba

African Bush Viper

African Bush Viper

African Bush Viper:

This African Snakes species is also known as Leaf viper. These snakes mostly habitats in rain forests or woodland habitats of Africa. These are mostly found on the lower branches and rarely get on the ground to feed on small rodents, rats, frogs ,etc. These are also highly venomous snakes.


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