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Airedale has its roots in British isles. It is also called the “KING OF TERRIERS”. As the name implies the breed has originated in the valley of AIRERIVER . Initially the dog was known as “WORKING TERRIER” or the “WATERSIDE TERRIER” but there was a little consistency among the usage of the name. Then the name “BRINGLEY TERRIER” was suggested by a Yorkshire breeder but the idea was not much praised and finally the name “AIREDALE TERRIER” was given after the homage name of the river and region where the dog has originated. It was originated in somewhere around 1800’s. He first crossbreeding produced a dog that possessed the keenness of a terrier and was able to swim and scent game. The crosses were called Waterside or Bingley Terriers and within 12 years of the first crossbreeding, the dog had become a popular sporting terrier.The Airedale Terrier Club of America was founded in 1900 and, in 1910, the club started a perpetual trophy that is offered at parent club shows. This trophy is known as the Airedale Bowl and has the names of winners’ engraved on the bowl and pedestal.


It is the largest in the terrier and stand square in appearance. The chest of the Airedale terrier is deep and the tail is set high on the back. The thighs, elbows ,and legs are under part of the body. The Airedale has a medium length black and tan coat with a harsh topcoat and soft undercoat.It is stylish ,athletic,noble in nature.It is both stoic hunter and playful clown.Being a high-energy working dog, the Airedale Terrier needs daily exercise. In general, the he remains active and full of energy throughout his life. He is not suited to apartment life, and needs a home with a large, fenced yard.
WEIGHT: 25-30 KG like all Terriers, Airedales have a natural inclination for digging (usually in the middle of a beautiful flower garden), chasing small animals, and   barking.

HEIGHT : 58-61 cm
LIFE SPAN : 11.5 yrs
PRICE : $1200 USD.

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Airedale terrier are fairly friendly with strangers. They are intelligent ,loyal and pleasant. They are naturally lively and can be very rowdy if they do not receive enough daily mental and physical exercise. This breed generally get along with other pets in the house but sometime dominate other dogs .Airedale are very playful when they are puppies. They are easy to be trained but they do not respond to harsh training or overbearing training. Airedale terrier can be used as working dog and hunting dog .Airedale can be the excellent choice for a family dog.


• Intelligence
• Outgoing
• Stoicism
• Strong will
• Curiosity
• Confidence
• Courageousness
• Stubbornness
• Activism
• Alertness
• Versatility

• Friendliness


• Vitamins to be included
Vitamin A palmitate
Folic acid
Vitamin D D-activated sterol
Para ameino benzoic acid

• Mineral and best sources
Copper gluconate
Iodine sea kelp
Zinc zinc gluconate
Iron ferrous fume rate
Phosphorus oyster shell


• Airedale terrier had a hard ,short haired double coat they should be plucked twice a year
• Trim excessive hairs between the pads of feet when necessary.
• The beard should be washed regularly because of food residue
• Grooming is required regularly.

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