Akita Inu – One of the Cutest Dog

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Akita Inu Jumping

Akita Inu :

AH- ki- ta is the real pronunciation of the Japanese breed dog where as American used to pronounce it as a- KEE-ta Inu. This breed originated in the northern mountains of Japan. Akita is a breed now categorized into two separate varieties i.e. Japanese Akita and American Akita. The Japanese Akita is found in small choice of colors where as the American Akita’s are found in every possible dog color. In most of the countries American Akita is considered as separate breed.

Body Structure :

Akita’s is the largest breed of Japan. They have solid and powerful body which is well proportioned. They are strong and muscular with distinctive looks. This breed of dogs is longer than being  tall. The shape of the skull is triangular and have heavy head.They ears of the dog is small and erect which is inline with the neck.The eyes are triangular small and dark brown. They have broad and dark black nose. They have strong teeth which met in scissor bite. The tail is curled over the back. They have double coat in which upper coat is water proof and harsh here as the inner coat is heavy and soft which keep the body warm as these dogs lives in the cold regions. These dogs are available in variety of coat colors like fawn, tan, white, red, black, grey , etc.



Temperament and Behavior :

Akita is a dog who wants to live independently and are dominant by nature. They are very strong and powerful. They never like to be in groups but loves to work in pair or alone. This breed have very dominating nature toward other dog breeds. These dogs are fearless and courageous as they mostly lives on the mountains where they can be attacked by any other creature. They are docile, careful and very affectionate towards its family. Akita’s must be socialized in the early age so that it becomes familiar with others. Akita is a faithful breed and is very loyal to its master.

Grooming :

Akita’s are difficult to groom if groomed from the initial age. They need regular brushing and nail trimming. This breed of dog is said to we wash and wear as they do not require intense maintaining and trimming of coat. They are mostly preferred in the natural looks. They must be given bath when required by a selected shampoo which is meant for dogs specially. These dogs shed heavily twice in the year.


Akita Inu Puppies Playing

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Health Issues :

This breed of dog is prone to certain illness mostly of immune system which causes harm to skin, coat and eyes.  They get infected of allergies, alignment in joints and gastric torsion mostly.

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Height :

The height of the dog of this breed vary from 24 to 26 inches both in males and females.

Weight :

This breed weight between 30 to 50 kg both for males and females.

Life Span :

Akita Inu have the life expectancy of 11 to 15 years.

akita inu with litters

akita inu with litters

Litter Size :

The females of this breed gives birth to 3 to 12 puppies at a time but have a average of 8 pups.

Price :

$500 to $5000 is the range between which you can get the best Akita Inu breed  dog.


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