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Angel fish is one of the beautiful fish in the world. They are triangular in shape. They angelfishfound in shallow reefs of Atlantic, Indian and western Pacific Ocean. This category of fish normally lives in two types of water. One is fresh water rivers and another of salty ocean waters. The angel fish which lives in fresh water called fresh water angel fish and those who live in salty ocean waters are known as marine angel fish. The scientific name of angel fish is “Pterophyllum eimekei”.


The fresh water angel fish has the perfect triangular shape compared to the marine angel fish. The fresh water angel fish are originated from Amazon basin and they prefer to line in clean water in a temperature between 250C to 300C. This category of angel fish is difficult to keep in household aquariums. The Fresh water angel fish is under cichlid species which are found in lakes of Africa.

Fresh water angel fish are quite small in size and invertebrates. They eat particles of food found in the water. They depend on different large fish, birds and marine mammals for their food.

Altum(Wild)AngelfishWFCiami_C2573Body Structure:

Fresh water angel fish are triangular in shape. Normally they grow few inches in length. They have a great body structure. The adult fishes are most triangular in shape than the normal fish. Their fins are sharp and help to move inside the water. They have a small mouth, round and small eyes. Their small tail helps them to swim rapidly in the water. They are 8 inches in size. Fresh water Angel fish comes in different colour like gold, silver, chocolate, zebra, black and smokey. Wild Fresh water angel fish have dark strips on their body vertically downed. Their triangular shape helps them to hide among the aquatic plats.


Marine Angel fish usually lives in salty ocean water. They are big as compared to the fresh water angel fish. They are normally found in shallow reefs in depth. They are fearless in nature and behave curious toward drivers. The native home of marine angel fish is some parts of Atlantic and Indian Ocean. They are under the family of Pomacanthidae. This family has currently 74 different species.

Body structure:

The body structure of this fish is quite different from others. They are not proper JuvenileFrenchAngelfish10triangular in shape like fresh water angel fish. Their body is strongly compressed. They are elongated on the hind margin of the soft dorsal and anal fins. Their caudal fin is slightly round. They have a small mouth. They have the body size of around 20 to 30 cm in case of adult. They have also small like other fishes.

They are famous for their colouration. Their colour changes with respect to the environment inside the aquatic world. They have small stripes on their body which are marked vertically. Normally this breed fish come in blue, gold, silver and aqua colour.


The angelfish are of different types and different species. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Gold fish are quite shade of yellow and dark golden color.
  2. The black body with narrowed white strips called the zebra angel fish.
  3. One of the most common angel fish is silver angel fish. It has black vertical markings with tawny heads.
  4. White and black marked angelfish are called Kole angelfish.
  5. The angelfish named Smoky are silver on the front half and black on the back half.
  6. The completely black colored body fish are called black angelfish.
  7. Pearly gold angelfish are shimmering gold coloured.
  8. White and gold marked at the top of the body angelfish is called Blushing angelfish.


Angelfish is one of the most aggressive fish in the world. They usually fight with their own species for food and sex. Except this they fight with other species which have same color and size similar to angel fish. They have various degree of aggressiveness. Not all angelfish species are aggressive. Some of them are quite and some of them are funny in nature.


There are certain steps how to breed your angel fish. Let us discuss about these steps.

Step 1: Condition for Breeding:

Angel fish are favorite to freshwater in aquarium. If you want to breeding angelfish, you have to create a specific environment for breeding. The Steps are follows.

  1. The aquarium for the angelfish should big in size. It must contain the freshwater instead of salt waters. The size of the tank is around 20 to 29 gallons large. The angelfish want free space for breeding. The price of the tank ranges from Rs. 20,000/-  to Rs. 35,000/- .
  2. The pH value of the fresh water should between 4.7 to 8.7, and the 11263_11ideal range is 6.5 to 6.9 . Do not use chemicals to alter the pH value of the water.
  3. The temperature of the water should be in between 220C to 270C. Warm water is better for angel fish. Cold water increases the life span of the angelfish.
  4. Fit a good filter in your aquarium for filtering the water. The aquarium needs at least 20% water change in a week. You can regularly clean the aquarium.
  5. Feed your angelfish two or three times a day. Be careful. Do not overfeed them. Give 3 to 5 minutes them to eat the food which you have given. After 10 minutes, clean the aquarium by remove the non-eaten foods form the water.

Step 2: Motion Breeding

  1. Sexing your angelfish is quite difficult. But don’t worry. In matured angelfish, the sex can be distinguish by looking at their tubes in vent. In case of male angel, the tube is smaller and pointy. But in case of female angel, it is larger and squared.
  2. Know some common characteristics to find out the male or female Angelfish picsangel fish. The female angel fish tends to be more round but the male fishes are triangular. The dorsals of the female fish are held backward and upright in case of male fish. The ventral of female fish is closer to the body and the male has erect ventral.
  3. If you are still confused to figure out a male and female fish, it is better to bring a breeding pair from the shop. It is quite expensive, but the breeding can be done efficiently.
  4. The breeding may take 6 to 7 months. If you want to keep more than two angel fish, then wait for some time. Wait one or two days to conform that the previous male and female fishes are paired off.



The angelfish is highly infective in nature. They have certain symptoms of illness like fins are clamped, the nose pointed upwards, and excess slimness. There is no such cure for the angelfish virus. The infected fish can live up to 6 months. Make the fishes stress free and provide them better quality of vitamins to avoid these problems.


Feeding an angelfish is quite important task. They are very fond of food. Flake fish food and cichlid foods are sufficient for the fish. You can feed them some live foods like black worms, blood worms, chopped earthworms, and guppy fry. These are the favourite foods of angelfish. It is better to avoid the live foods, because it carries parasites which may cause disease.


Angel fish are beautiful in structure. They are normally triangular in shape. The price for an angelfish ranges from Rs. 800/- to Rs. 6,000/- in case of single fish. If you want to purchase a paired angelfish, then it will cost Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 8,000/- . It is quite better to bring paired fish for your aquarium.


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