Australian Bulldog

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Australian Bulldog also known as Aussie Bulldog given their name by Noel and Tina Green. This breed came to existence in 1990’s by the breeders who want to create a dog with looks like Bulldog. The body structure of an Aussie Bulldog should be of great strength with thick bones and compact body. For male Bulldogs the body should be solid aqnd compact where as in female Bulldogs it should be long. The dogs preferred should have nice line bodies and straight cartridge tail. They have broad chest area with good shoulder placement making the body look straight. They should have short and smooth coat rather than thick and rough. Head structure of an Aussie Bulldog is one of the main attribute making it look strong and  square in appearance. The eyes must be wide apart for  making the appearance wide and clear. The Aussie Bulldog come in various wonderful colors. The patches on the body of the dog makes it more appealing.


They are medium sized dogs with short legs, straight back and muscular physic. They have brick shaped body in males with a slightly longer in females. To prevent them from the breeding problem they have a slightly longer neck as compared to other Bulldogs. Since they have loose skin it forms dewlaps on the either side of the neck. They have broad wide muzzle which is short but not that short which can cause breathing difficulty. They have ears like buttons or rose bud and are small in size. Since they have broad jaws the flews hand on either side of it. They have thick tails which have strong base, and some have screwed tail with tight screwed style. The coat lay tight against the body being soft and smooth. They come in variant colors.


This Australian breed is very affectionate, loves outing, are very alert and loyal toward its master and are intelligent creatures. They should be sent under obedience training as they are easy to train and wants there owner to be extremely skilled and intelligent. They have a lot of stamina and don’t get aggressive easily. They are good with the children and should be socialized in early age to all the ages of people, dogs and house cats. They love to be in water in summers and in winters they love to be in sunny rooms.

ab2Health Problems:

Although every best possible precaution are taken to make them health problem free in this breed. But this does not means that they can not get infected to any disease. There common problem is bacterial infection. They suffer from breathing difficulties dew to soft palate  elegant.

Living Conditions:

This breed of Australia is not proposed for the apartment life. This breed should not be left outside for longer period of time they can live indoors happily. They can adjust in any weather as they love to live in water and enjoy to lay down in sun in winters.


The coat is easy to groom as it is smooth and soft having short hairs. They must be groomed using combs of hard bristle brushes regularly but should be given bath when necessary. There face must be cleaned regularly using soft cloth between the wrinkels. this breed do not a large amount of hairs so are easy to manage.


The litter size of the Australian Bulldog lies between 6 to 8 litter at a time.

Life Span:

Australian Bulldog have the average life span of 12 to 15 years.


Average cost of an Aussie Pup ranges from $500 – $600.


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