Australian Cattle Dog

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Australian Cattle Dog was first developed in 1840 by the cross of Dingoes and Collies and other herding breeds of dogs by George Elliott of Australia. This breed impressed the cattlemen by there qualities like toughness, work ethics and many more. This breed got popularity in a short period of time as Cattle Herders. This breed was known as Australian Heelers in the beginning then later it was changed to Blue Heelers and then to Queensland Heelers. But eventually in the end it was named as Australian Cattle Dog. In starting this breed was kept as pet by the cattlemen ans ranchers but later people started to keep them as pet for there houses.


Australian Cattle Dogs are compact dogs who are solid, sturdy and are alert. This breed is slightly longer than tall with curved and hanging tails With muscular legs and strong necks, somewhat rounded heads with pointy ears. They have dense weather-resistant coats which comes in colors like blue speckled or red speckled—both with possible dark or tan marks. They have pricked ears which are small to medium in size and are set wide apart. They have alert eyes which are oval in shape and are dark. Teeth should always match in a scissor bite. The dog is agile, well-muscled, powerful and determined while working. They have height of 17 to 20 inches. Where as weight approx 15 to 22 kg’s.


This breed is not at all suited for the apartment life. They always want to stay in muscular environment which satisfies its mind set. This breed requires a lot of exercise. To use the energy in some thing productive they require proper running , jogging, playing, chasing balls,etc. To stop them from showing destructive behavior and obsessive barking one need to coop the dog. This dog breed is very suspicious and therefore very good watch dogs. They must be made socialized in early stage to stop them from being sharp. The food given to these dogs should be much enough to satisfy there hunger.

Health Problems:

The major health problem which may be concerned about this dog includes PRA(progressive retinal atrophy), CHD(canine hip dysplasis), elbow dysplasis, deafness and OCD(osteochondrosis dissecans ). Apart of these health issues some other diseases can be observed in the breed occasionally are lens luxation, cataract and persistent pupillary membrane(ppm) . So it is advised to the owners to take the dog for proper checkup of eyes, elbow, ears and hips on regular basis.

acd2Living Conditions:

Australian Cattle Dogs are mostly one person dog. They are more affectionate to a single person. They love to live independently and do not require mush of affection and cuddling. They always want to have good treatment and appreciating praise though they are tough and resolute.


They must be kept with short hairs. They have weather resistant coat which needed very less care and is very easy to groom. They just needed to be combed or brushed with a firm bristle brush. They are bathed only when it is necessary. They shed there coat once or twice a year.



The bitches of this breed give birth to average 5 litters at a time.

Life Span:

This breed have approx life span of  12 to 15 years.


Usually the pups of this breed cost between $250 to $1000.


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