Australian Kelpie

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kelpie3Australian Kelpie is a Australian dog breed. They are basically used as sheep dogs to manage and command them. Kelpie are medium sized dogs and are present in variety of colors.They have a smooth outer coat with color possibility of black, red, tan, fawn and chocolate. Kelpie are divided into two distinct varieties i.e. Show Kelpie and Working Kelpie. The Show Kelpies are just groomed to take them to the dog shows. Where as Working Kelpies are sent to farms for with and to command the flock of sheep. They can work for many hours in stock and can cover long distance in heat and rain without giving up. These dogs are the most challenging to live with. They are intellect and are combined with independence and passion of work are its features which does not make it suitable for homes.


Kelpie are smooth coated and medium sized dog. They generally have pricked ears and are athletic by appearance.  They have compact body with well developed limbs. They have a broad chest and hindquarters which contribute a lot in its flexibility and energized looks. They have short and smooth coat length. The dogs are measured between 46-51 cm’s and weight from 16-20 kg’s whereas the bitches are ideally measured between 43-48 cm’s and weight from 11-16 kg’s.



kelpie4Kelpie is a compact, robust, enthusiastic and tireless working dog. This breed is very capable and loyal. This breed is always ready to do work and are happy if provided with work. The Kelpie’s are trained with firm hand and consistent directions. To get back the best results start there training in early ages and keep the session short using positive techniques and never force the dog it will result in the backfire. They have extremely high level of energy and can run till they don’t drop. They need to be taken on daily walks and make an excellent jogging compatibility. This breed is very obedient and loves to please the owner.


Health Problems:

The Kelpie is generally a healthy breed, but they have some health conditions that can be a concern. They include Collie eye anomaly, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), which is retinal degeneration causing partial to total blindness and cerebellar abiotrophy. Cerebellar Abitrophy is an neurological disorder that affect the movement .


kelpie2Living Conditions:

Australian Kelpie are not recommended for apartments. They are working dogs so need a lot of open space to run and play and are happy to do the job. They can live in both the conditions may it be cold or hot in extreme conditions with the help of their coat. This breed is very workaholic and can run almost 50 km’s in a day.The show Kelpie is very less active as compared to the working Kelpie. Without the physical work they become bored and there activeness drive them crazy to destructive behavior to make use of there energy. This dog is easy to feed in comparison of other working breeds , they only requires greater nutrition during working periods.



Kelpie is very easy to groom. They need occasional combing and brushing. They must be brushed with the hard bristle brush. They must be bathed once in a moth at least . They shed heavily so the brushing needed to be done once a week.



This bitch of this breed give birth to 4-7 puppies in one time.


Life Span:

Kelpie have a life span of 12 to 15 years.


The minimum price of an Australian Kilpie starts from $800 and ranges to $21,000.



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