Australian Lizards

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Australian Lizards:

The Australian lizards are  widely distributed across the continent. Australian Lizards are large in size, colorful and  unusual species. Some of the lizards who are very beautiful can be kept as pet. Australia has more number of lizard species than any other part of the world. They are in a huge variety. The range in size of lizard from the tiniest is 25 mm and the largest one is over 2 meters. In Australia five family of lizards are found and they are as follow:

  1. Gekkonidae
  2. Pygopodidae
  3. Agamidae
  4. Varanidae
  5. Scincidae

Gekkonidae Australian Lizards Family


Geckkonidae commonly known as Geckos is a family of lizards which includes 930 species. Some of the well known species of the Geckos family are Tokay Gecko, Leopard Gecko, Western Banded Gecko, Gargoyle Gecko, Crested Gecko, Dwarf Gecko, Mediterranean Gecko and the most recent added to this family is Caledonian Gecko. Many of these Gecko’s are agile climbers. They have a unique toe pad which helps the lizards to climb various surface with an ease. The feet of these Australian Lizards are the most distinct feature. This characteristic is available in every specie of this Geckos Australian Lizards. The feet of these lizards are tailored for the particular life style which is adapted by these Australian Lizards.


  •  Tokay Gecko
  • Leopard Gecko
  • Western Banded Gecko
  • Gargoyle Gecko
  • Crested Gecko
  • Dwarf Gecko
  • Mediterranean Gecko
  • Caledonian Gecko
legless lizards

Pygopodidae Australian Lizards Family


Pygopodidae are commonly known as leg less lizards, snake lizards or flap footed lizards which include 30 species and 8 genera. These Australian Lizards have snake like structure and are utmost 80 cm long. They are like snake because they usually have slender body which resembles to the snake. Pygopods do not have fore limbs but do have hind which are small and flattened flaps. Some of the Leg Less Australian Lizards are:

  • Stripped Legless Lizards
  • Southern Legless Lizards
  • Burtons Legless Lizards, and many more.
dragon lizards

Agamidae Australian Lizards Family


Agamidae is one of the Australian Lizards with more than 300 species and commonly known as Dragon Lizards. This species have well developed legs and scaled body with average sized body and moderately long tails. In these Australian Lizards species the males are more bright colored then the females. The color of these lizards is effective at the time of reproduction. The Agamdae mostly inhabits warm environment which ranges from the hot and dry forests to the tropical rain-forests. Only the single specie among these Australian Lizard family is found in cooler region i.e. Mountain Dragon. Among the lizards of this family the most popular domestic lizard is Bearded Dragon and Uromastyx. Some of the lizards of this family are:


  • Flying Lizard
  • Frilled Lizard
  • Rainbow Lizard
  • Garden Lizard
  • Forest Lizard
  • Dragon Lizard, and many more.
largest lizards

Varanidae Australian Lizards Family


Varanidae is an ancient family of lizards. This family includes almost 60 species. These Australian Lizards are robust with long and autonomous tail and long neck. They have forked tongue but is not similar as of the snakes. These are the largest group with large number and the largest size. This family of Australian Lizards are carnivorous and frugivorous i.e. they eat fruits. This family includes lizards like:

  • Komodo Dragon
  • Megalania (The largest known lizard)
  • Goannas
  • Crocodile Monitor, and many more.

Scincidae Australian Lizards Family


This family of Australian Lizards is known as Skink lizards. This is the largest lizard family with 1400 species. This lizard family ranges greatly in habitat, behavior and appearance. This family have lizards which can be found in extreme hot deserts to the dense rain forests also. They can have four limbs to no limbs or legless and can be found up on the tree, beneath the ground and are very aquatic. Some of the lizards of this family are:

  • Ground Skink
  • Monkey Tailed Skink
  • Zebra Skink
  • Giant Skink, and many more.

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