Australian Parrots

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Australian Parrots:

Australia have a wide and unique range of animals and birds in the count of wildlife. There are some unique species of birds and animals which are very colorful and attractive.

List of Australian Parrots:

Ground Parrot:

The Ground Parrots are found in the high diversity with low growing plants. They mostly lives in dense coastal and sub-coastal areas. They generally get feed on the fallen seeds or pluck directly from the plants. These parrots walk briskly and agilely through the vegetation. They climb the low shrubs occasionally to gather seeds.


Western Ground Parrot

a. Western Ground Parrot:

Western Ground Parrots are medium sized slender birds with long tail. These parrots have yellow and black streaks on the bright green plumage and have a bright red band just above the beak.

eastern ground parrot

Eastern Ground Parrot

b. Eastern Ground Parrot:

Eastern Ground Parrots are slender parrots with long tail and bright green color. They are shy in nature and have pale yellow wings. The yellow black markings are also present on the back of the parrot.



Little Lorikeet

a. Little Lorikeet:

The Little Lorikeet is the smallest Lorikeet found in Australia. They have red patch which covers the throat and the fore head of the tiny green Lorikeet. The eyes of this Australian Parrots are orange or yellow in color.

rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

b. Rainbow Lorikeet:

The Rainbow Lorikeet are bright beak parrots. The beak is red in color and the body of this Australian Parrot is partitioned with different colors so is known as Rainbow Lorikeet. The head and belly in blue , tail, wings and back are green where as the breast can be either yellow or orange in color.


Musk Lorikeet

c. Musk Lorikeet:

Musk Lorikeet are sturdy medium sized Australian parrot. They are very noisy but are active. The musk have yellow patches on the sides of its breast rest it is all green except the blue crown and read forehead.

scally brested lorikeet

Scaly Breasted Lorikeet

d. Scaly Breasted Lorikeet:

Scalay Breasted Lorikeets are the second largest species of Lorikeet Family. The eyes and breast of these parrots are red in color. Whole body of these parrot have yellow scales.


green rosella

Green Rosella

a. Green Rosella:

The Green Rosellaq are the Australia’s largest Rosella. These are medium sized parrots with broad tail. The upper body is molted       green and black where as the the lower body including neck and head are yellow in color. They also posses blue patches on the           cheek and a red band across the forehead.

eastern rosella

Eastern Rosella

b. Eastern Rosella:

These are medium sized colorful parrots with white cheek patches. The upper body is green and yellow where the head, neck and breast are red in color. The tail is yellowish green or blueish green from upper side but is red inside.

western rosella

Western Rosella

c. Western Rosella:

These Western Rosella are mostly found in the south western Australia. The Western Rosella are the smallest Rosella among all Rosella. In this specie the head, neck and under body of the males are bright red where as in females it is molted red.

Crimson Rosella

Crimson Rosella

d. Crimson Rosella:

The Crimson Rosella can be found in different color shade. They are named as Crimson because they have crimson red plumage and blue cheeks. The tail is brighter blue from outer side where as pale blue from inner side.

pale headed rosella

Pale Headed Rosella

e. Pale Headed Rosella:

The Pale Headed Rosella are medium sized brown tailed parrots. They have pale head and white or white blue cheeks. The outer feathers of the tail are blue where as from inner side it is red. These are very conspicuous parrots and are noisy as well.

Scarlet Chested Parrot

Scarlet Chested Parrot

Scarlet Chested Parrot:

Scarlet Chested Parrots are mostly founded in the Southern Australia. The chest of these parrots are scarlet, face is blue where as the upper coat is green in color. These are also known as Splendid Parrots.

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrot:

The males and females of this species are so different that they get confused with different specie. The males are bright green and light blue where as the females are crimson red and royal blue. These are large parrots with a great difference in males and females. These parrots are known as Red sided parrots or Rocky River Parrots. The feet and toes of both male and female are grey in shade.

Red Winged Parrot

Red Winged Parrot

Red Winged Parrot:

The Red Winged are stout medium sized parrots. These are green parrots with red patches on the shoulder. They have red eyes and bill but the color of legs and toes are grey. They are bigger and bulkier than the Rosella. These parrots inhabits the wide range of wooden habitat. They feed on seeds, berries and flowers mainly. The make metallic whistle sound to contact other birds.


Regent Parrot

Regent Parrot:

Regent are slim parrots with long tail. They are found in Eastern Australia and South Western Australia. The beak of these parrots are deep red or pink in shade. They are yellow colored with blue black wings and tail.These are known as Black Tailed Parrots , Smokers, Black Throated or Marlock Parrots.




Budgerigar are bred in variety of colors like white, blue, yellow, green, mauve, olive and grey. These Australian Parrots are present with black barring all over the body. They get feed entirely on the seed so need fresh water to survive as there is no moisture in the seeds.

Rock Parrot

Rock Parrot

Rock Parrot:

The Rock Parrots are plum grass parrots which are stocky and generally found in southern Australia. They posses brownish olive green body color with blue forehead and face. The are usually seen along the rocky shores or islands. They are unobtrusive and quite in nature. The shoulders of these parrots are generally light blue or dark blue. The tail is generally yellowish blue in color.


Red Rumped Parrot

Red Rumped Parrot

Red Rumped Parrot:

These are medium sized slender parrots. These parrots stay away from the water bodies. The shoulder and belly of these parrots are yellow where as the head is blue green in shade.

Swift Parrot

Swift Parrot

Swift Parrot:

The Swift parrots are slim and medium sized parrots. They fly in a streamlined shape. The tail is red and purple where as the wings are angular and pointed in shape. The head of these parrots have dark blue colored crown rest whole body is bright green in color. The throat is crimson red and the wings corners have a slight crimson in color. They are also known as red Faced or Red Shouldered Parrots.

Superb Parrot

Superb Parrot

Superb Parrot:

The super Parrots are slender and take very graceful flight. They are medium sized parrots. The beaks are either red or pink in shade. They have back swept tails and wings. They posses bright red band on the throat and have yellow forehead.

Orange Bellied Parrot

Orange Bellied Parrot

Orange Bellied Parrot:

This breed of Australian parrots are found in the south west part of Australia. They are orange bellied and blue winged parrots. They have blue band between the eyes. The beak is grayish black where as the legs are grayish brown. The eyes are dark brown in color.

Turquoise Parrot

Turquoise Parrot

Turquoise Parrot:

This specie of parrot is common in Eastern Australia. The belly of these parrots are bright yellow with turquoise blue face. The edges of wings are also turquoise in color. They also have brick red patch on the shoulders. This species of parrot is easily available in the eastern and south eastern parts of Australia.

Australian King Parrot

Australian King Parrot

Australian King Parrot:

The Australian King Parrots are red and green in color. These are the only Australian parrots which are totally red headed. The red belly and greenish blue back are possessed by both males and females of the species. These parrots are mostly found in pairs. The legs and toes are bluish gray in color and the wings are green. They have strong and swift flight.

Australian Ringneck

Australian Ringneck

Australian Ringneck:

The Australian Ringneck parrots are encountered with slight difference in every parrot. These are known as ringneck parrots as they posses a yellow color ring till its hindneck. These are large parrots with different plumage and color combination in different regions.

Bourke's Parrot

Bourke’s Parrot

Bourke’s Parrot:

The Bourke’s Parrot are grey brown in appearance. These australian parrots are small in size with pinkish abdomen. The eyes are encircled with white color. These parrots are also known as Blue Vented, Night, Pinkish- bellied or Sundown Parrot.

Blue Winged Parrot

Blue Winged Parrot:

Blue Winged Parrot:

The Blue Winged parrots are slender have olive green head and upper body. The tail is green-blue from top and yellowish from the sides. These are also known as blue band or grass parrots. These parrots got there name from the dark blue patches on the wings.

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