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The Australian Terrier is affectionately known as ” Aussie” is one of the smallest in the Terrier group. It is a short legged, little dog and is sturdy. It is one of the better known breeds of Terrier. This breed was developed on the land in 19th century. The small and rough coated terrier were used to keep rats, snakes and other small creatures on the ship. They are also used as sheep dog some times. This breed of Terrier is the least demanding breed. They are good with children’s and the senior citizens of the family. This breed is versatile in their work and living condition which make them efficient for every atmosphere.



at4This breed is a small dog with short legs and have shaggy long hairs. They have long head with V- shaped ears and dark round eyes. The nose is in black color. The teeth of a terrier should meet in scissor bite and they are of good size. The body of the Aussie is longer in comparison of the height. They have black nails and the paws are well padded. The dewclaws are usually removed when the puppy is of few days. This breed have a weatherproof coat of 2-3 inches long. They have small legs. They are available in colors including blue and tan, dark blue, steel blue, dark grey- blue, silver blue, solid red and solid sandy. The  hair texture of the skull is smoother in comparison of the  rest coat. They are just 9 inches from the ground and weight approx 6.5 kg’s. 



The Aussie’s are tough, energetic, intelligent, adaptable, agile and feisty. This breed of Terrier is very mischievous with a courage as of Larger dogs. They are very happy being in contact with the family. They are very loyal to his master, and his very affectionate and gentle towards the family. But for strangers it is very cautious. They are good watch dogs as they are very alert, responsive, protective and curious. They also are quick barkers as someone unknown enters the premises. They are usually aggressive towards other dogs as they treat them self as boss. They are good with children as they love to play. They do well with the infants if not teased. The Aussie is intelligent but need proper obedience training. Since they have very high level of energy they are good jumpers and diggers by birth. They need regular exercise and consistent training to control its behavior and use its energy.


Health Problems:

This breed is generally healthy , but can have certain diseases like Allergies, Diabetes,  Cruciate ligament rupture, and seizures, Legg-Perthes disease, etc. They need to be take care to prevent them being getting infected with any by protecting them and providing them with good quality of food

Living Conditions:

They are good in apartment life, but are best when get small yards to play. They are well indoors but needed to be taken for a walk or jog regularly. They must not be left free as they have a tendency to chase so can harm anyone.



Since they have long shaggy hairs so need to be brushed several times in a week. You can also also clip the hairs in the front which can trouble in the vision. They need to be bathed once in a month. The nails are to be clipped on a regular basis same is with the hairs on the eyes and ears with the help of blunt nose scissors. This breed do not shed hair’s heavily.



An Aussie can give birth to maximum of 4 pups in a single time.

Life Span:

Australian Terrier have a life expectancy of 15 or more years.


A single pup of Aussie cost around $ 650 and above.


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