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  • dog behaviour

    Dog Behaviour – Body Language of a Dog

    Apr 24, 14 • 5143 Views • Amazing Pets, Dogs9 Comments

    Dog behavior is not an easy task which can be distinguished. Sometimes you think that your dog is tying to tell you something then it may be the fact that is something else altogether. It ‘s amazing that all dogs in the world communicate with each other


    Snowy Egret

    Apr 16, 14 • 2458 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds4 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: The snowy egret is a widely distributed bird species and known as Western Hemisphere wading bird. This bird is  represented on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of North America as Egretta thula of class Aves. This bird of order Ciconiiformes is

  • Mourning Dove ( Dove Bird )

    Apr 8, 14 • 6877 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds6 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Mourning Doves or Game Dove are birds that are quite similar to pigeons. The Mourning Dove ( Scientific Name is Zenaida macroura) is a member of the Dove family ( that is, Columbidae ). This bird is also called as either Turtle Dove or

  • Marine fishes

    Dragonets (Marine Fishes)

    Apr 8, 14 • 4980 Views • Fish4 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: The Colorful and slow-moving Dragonets are the most interesting and beautiful fishes for a marine aquarium. Dragonets are quite small and perciform marine fish of a diverse family that is, Callionymidae (Taken from  the Greek word

  • Most Powerful Dogs In The World

    Mar 21, 14 • 22988 Views • Amazing Pets, Dogs12 Comments

    Here is an article about Most Powerful dogs in the world  and we can see that there is a bulk of dog’s fans in our readers. Largest dogs in a family can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment  to a house, more especially for kids. The dog has a surprising

  • Tibetan Mastiff

    Mar 10, 14 • 16236 Views • Dogs11 Comments

    “Tibetan Mastiff” is the name of a Dog with heavy weight breed.It looks like a gigantic lion with heavy hair on the body and covered with a warm soft hair at the neck part.It has so many names as called in Asian region.For example some people use to call