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  • Javelin Fish

    Apr 12, 14 • 4935 Views • Amazing Pets, Fish7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Javelin fish belong to rattail species. They are found at a depth of 80-500 meters, in Australia and New Zealand. They are most productive in our tidal system, both in terms of producing offspring’s and in baiting. They are easily caught by

  • Caribou

    Apr 10, 14 • 2206 Views • Animal5 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Caribou is another name of Reindeer in North America. It is basically a species of deer. They are mostly found in Arctic, Sub arctic, Tundra and Mountainous regions.Some of its species are spread world wide, some are rare while some has already

  • Guinea pig breeds

    Mar 18, 14 • 5074 Views • Rabbit7 Comments

    Guinea pig breeds are famous pet since sixteenth century. They are always misunderstood as a pig, from Guinea. These cute little creatures are rodents, which belong from the family of Caviidae. Guinea pigs are mostly appreciated by children. They are also

  • Mastiff

    Mar 11, 14 • 2206 Views • Animal, Dogs9 Comments

    INTRODUCTION The mastiff is a purely a domestic dog. They are comparatively quiet than other breeds of dog, but when  they come on attacking, they are hard to handle. They are highly sensitive. Hatred and love towards a person is directly proportional to the