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  • How to take care of your puppy

    Pet Training With Sonic Bark Collar

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    Puppy training or Pet Training Bear in mind that deaf canines love training games similar to other canine would. You can have fun with your pet dog by making her trail track. One game I used to play with my Dalmatian was to hide some meals under of 5

  • How to give medicine to dogs

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    Allow your canine to sit at your aspect by the chair, couch, and so on.and have them wait until you are ready to ask them to arrive up on the furniture with you, or choose them up if they can’t leap up just yet. Like humans dogs also do not like their

  • Eagles at national zoological park New delhi


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    Eagles are not love birds and are not tamed but have their own nature. Although with time number of eagles went down drastically due to illicit human behavior which has been hazardous for animals. Indian eagles are known for their wide mouth and are has

  • 10 Food Item you can Share with Your Dog

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    10 food item you can share with your dog Sharing food with your dog can always be your plan but just not to hurt your dog appetite or health you stick to packaged food like Pedigree. Its time now to try something more and different. Their are many food items

  • 10 most dangerous food for your dogs

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    10 most dangerous food for your dogs You love your dogs or Puppy that is why you are reading this article , else you would not have cared for what all this website is telling you about your dog or your puppy. Your puppy is different from you , it has four

  • All you need to know about your dog

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    It’s a great feeling to possess a dog.All you need to know about your dog , is what we had in mind while making this post. These are satisfied, dedicated and pleasant. They can bе wonderful friends to you, your үoung oneѕ plus үour mοthеrs and

  • You need to know more about your dogs

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    you need to know more about your dogs If you embraϲe your dog, you never know what you’re going to get. Jսst like a box of candies, each and every pet is unique. If you have any concerns conceгning wheгe and exactly how to use all natural dog

  • How to take care of your puppy

    How to take care of your puppy

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    How to take care of your puppy Everү ѕingle puppy iѕ unique, just like a fingerρrint. They even can get their personal ƿгeferences, aptitude for ƿerseverancе or impatience, plus some arе caring although some are range. Hoա you take care of them will

  • Puppy treatment tips

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    Puppy treatment tips Everyone can go out and have a canine and carry him house. Even so, in order to correctly look after your dog, you have to know what you’re carrying out. Take note of the subsequent helpful advice to help you be sure your pet dog

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    The White Tiger which killed a Man

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    The white Tiger which Killed a Man at New Delhi Zoo Recently a news became famous that white tiger named Vijay killed a man at New Delhi Zoo , By heart I am a sensitive man and although I have attached this video here taken by someone at New Delhi zoo but ,