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  • Top 10 Dangerous Bird Species In The World

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    Introduction : Birds square measure among the foremost fascinating associate degreed promptly appreciated creatures on earth, providing an unequalled nature expertise for countless humans worldwide. Most birds rank among the Earth’s least harmful animals to

  • Top 10 Cat breeds in the world

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    Introduction : For every style of person within the world, there’s a breed of cat that may suit his or her tastes and fashion. Active or set back, downy or lean, large or petite, there are such a big amount of cats to decide on from that even “dog

  • Top 10 Mammals in The World

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    Introduction : Mammals are a biological group of energy-absorbing amniotes distinguished from the reptiles and also the birds by the possession of hair, 3 cavity bones, duct gland glands in females, and a cerebral mantle. The class brain regulates blood heat


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    INTRODUCTION It is pronounced as KAZE-hond.The name “KEESHOND” was named after the 18th century Dutch Patriot. The dog was the rebels symbol. The word ‘keeshond’ is a compound word  ‘Kees’ is a nickname for Cornelius, and

  • Top 10 Smallest Birds in The World

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    Introduction :  Birds area unit feathered, winged, two-legged, warm-blooded , egg-laying vertebrates. Class Aves ranks because the craniate category with the foremost living species, some 10 thousand living birds belong to the taxonomic group Neornithes,

  • Fish Breeding

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    In Tropical fish breeding you may realize lots of data and pointers that may be helpful once you decide to breed your tank fish, or once you suddenly notice that your tank is full of eggs. The extent of the articles varies from terribly basic introductory

  • Bird Grooming

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    Birds within the wild are beware of their own grooming wants. However, your pet bird would force some help from you. Birds can keep their feathers in good shape by preening. Preening is that method where the birds keep their feathers sleek by running their

  • Mbuna Fish

    Apr 3, 14 • 3129 Views • Fish7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION : Mbuna is that the common name for an outsized cluster of African haplochromine cichlids from Lake African nation. The name mbuna suggests that “rockfish” within the language of the Tonga folks of African nation. because the name

  • Minks

    Mar 31, 14 • 3234 Views • Amazing Pets, Animal6 Comments

    Introduction : Mink may be a common name for associate degree alert, semi aquatic, carnivorous vertebrate of the mammal family family that conjointly includes otters, weasels, badgers, wolverines, and polecats. The mink is larger and a lot of all-mains than

  • Loach Fish

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    Introduction : Loach Fish is active bottom domicile scavengers ideally suited to the community marine museum. Cypriniform fish fish include a number of the foremost fashionable of all tropical fish, adding color, interest, and wonder to any larger community