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  • Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

    Jul 4, 14 • 6568 Views • Amazing Pets, Animal, Horse1 Comment

    Horse is one the fastest and top most liked pet among the Human. They usually love to run. But why don’t they lie down in relax time? What is the main reason for which they don’t lye down even while they are sleeping? Sleeping is the best pill to

  • Top 10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

    Mar 15, 14 • 17169 Views • Amazing Pets11 Comments

    Dog is one of the favorite pet of human. They are faithful to their masters. Human can blindly believe on them.  Everyone needs to have a smart, strong, big and healthy dog. Some of them choose dogs for their passion, some choose for affection. In this era,

  • AngelFish

    Mar 14, 14 • 6740 Views • Fish8 Comments

    Angel fish is one of the beautiful fish in the world. They are triangular in shape. They found in shallow reefs of Atlantic, Indian and western Pacific Ocean. This category of fish normally lives in two types of water. One is fresh water rivers and another of

  • Dutch Rabbit

    Mar 8, 14 • 7540 Views • Rabbit5 Comments

    Rabbit is one of the most popular pet all over the world. Dutch rabbit is one of the best rabbit breed in the world. They are the oldest domestic breed and popular breed. They are easily identifiable because of their colour pattern, marks on their body. They

  • GoldFish

    Mar 7, 14 • 27028 Views • Fish8 Comments

    Goldfish is one of the most beautiful fish in the world. It looks like gold and its body is like an ornament. So this fish can also be called as ornamental fish. Its scientific name is Carassius auratus. It includes the Cyprinids type fish which are located

  • Love Birds

    Mar 6, 14 • 13847 Views • Birds6 Comments

    Lovebirds are one of the most beautiful bird all over the world. They are the smallest parrot. These birds are called as Lovebirds because they usually live in pair. Normally  they live in Africa and Madagascer. These bird include the species named

  • Himalayan Cat Breed

    Himalayan Cat Breed

    Mar 4, 14 • 3569 Views • Animal, Cats12 Comments

    Himalayan Cat breed is one of most lovable cat breed. They are quiet companion and energetic. They are very affectionate in nature. The interesting thing is that, these cat breeds are not from Himalaya. They are from United States and England. In 1920, this

  • Bengal Cat Breed

    Feb 28, 14 • 11067 Views • Cats10 Comments

    The Bengal cat is a hybrid cat located normally in Asia. They look like the wild cat but actually they are simple, people friendly and funny type pets. This breed is a cross between The Asian Leopard cat and domestic house cat. They have large spots, rosettes

  • Pug Breed

    Feb 28, 14 • 10289 Views • Dogs9 Comments

    The Pug breed is a small , square , stocky and thickset dog. This dog is also called as “the big dog  in a small size”. This is a toy dog with wrinkles on its face and short muzzled face. This breed is looking so cute, fine with glossy skin. It can

  • German Shepherd Breed

    Feb 27, 14 • 5984 Views • Dogs13 Comments

    The GERMAN SHEPHERD Dog (normally called as GSD) is one of the best dog breed in the world. These are considered as the strong, well muscled, alert, energetic dog breed. German Shepherds are also called as different names such as Alsatian, Berger Allemand.