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  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi

    Apr 24, 14 • 2988 Views • Animal, Dogs5 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Cardigan Welsh Corgi originated in Wales. They are very low to the ground. They are also known as herding breeds. They are known for their loyalty. Very much familiar and friendly with people and are extremely family dogs. Cardigan is low set

  • Chow

    Apr 20, 14 • 3586 Views • Dogs5 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: The Chow Chow commonly known sometimes as Chow is a large stocky dog. They originally are the native of Northern China. There they are known as Songshi Quan. They are also famous as the dog of Tang Empire. The Chow Chow are very well mannered

  • English Spaniel

    Apr 11, 14 • 2767 Views • Animal, Dogs7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: It is a dog among the spaniel family and is also known as English Springer Spaniel. He is been boosted with lots of energy and have the ability to please others. English spaniel is a medium sized but a powerful dog. He has long hanging ears and

  • Pointer Dog

    Apr 7, 14 • 3009 Views • Dogs7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: The Pointer Dog also known by English Pointer is a stubborn hunting dog. It is that breed of dog which is developed as Gun dog. It is among the several pointing dog. It originated in England. They are sleek and muscular. The pointer has its own

  • Lemurs

    Apr 5, 14 • 1862 Views • Uncategorized4 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Lemurs are the creatures native to the island of Madagascar. They attract people by their mysterious nature and bright round eyes. Their name is derived from the Latin word ‘ghost’. They basically are the link to ancient primates and

  • Guenons

    Apr 3, 14 • 2851 Views • Amazing Pets, Animal, Monkey5 Comments

    INTRODUCTION:                                           Guenons, they are among the 26 species of the African monkeys who are highlighted by the bold markings of white or bright colors. They are slim, graceful monkeys with long arms and

  • Degus

    Mar 29, 14 • 4488 Views • Amazing Pets8 Comments

    A degu is a small mammal native to Chile. Basically they are a rodent and are related to chinchillas and guinea pigs. People have them as pets for some time, but still many people have not heard about degus even if they have. One factor may be the lack of

  • Capuchin Monkey

    Mar 28, 14 • 10649 Views • Amazing Pets10 Comments

    The capuchin monkey is the native to Central and South America. Capuchin spend their time in groups of 10 to over 30 capuchins, made up of males, females and young monkeys who tree surf and look for food together.In the wild areas, capuchin swing from tree to

  • African Gray Parrot

    Mar 20, 14 • 3373 Views • African Greys, Birds, Large Pet Birds6 Comments

    The African Grey parrot is a wonderful and highly intelligent bird. African Grey parrots require a serious commitments and are great lifelong companions. They are generally found in primary and secondary rain forest of West and Central Africa. They are also

  • Love Birds

    Mar 12, 14 • 18519 Views • Birds13 Comments

    A love bird is one of the prettiest birds all over the world . It comes under one of the nine species of genus Agapornis (Greek: love bird). It is a parrot to parrot love. They are pint sized bundles of joy. They do have a full personality of parrot while