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    INTRODUCTION: The spotted hyena ( scientific nomenclature Crocuta crocuta), also known as laughing hyena.  Hyenas are not only  scavengers, in addition to that they  possess great intellectual skills on the hunt. One method   used by  a single hyena


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    INTRODUCTION: The Axolotls are found very rarely and so are not very common. The axolotl is a type of salamender, found in Mexico. It’s scientifically known as ” Ambystoma mexicanum”. The  laboratory creature or common pet refers


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    INTRODUCTION: Prairie dogs emerge from their burrows in daylight to forage and feed on grasses, roots, and seeds. These charismatic, rabbit-size rodents live on North America’s prairies and open grasslands. Prairie dogs live in underground burrows,

  • LEAF MUNTJAC (leaf deer)

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    INTRODUCTION: The leaf Muntjac ( leaf deer) or Putao Muntjac (Muntiacus putaoensis) is a small species of deer. It was discovered in 1997 by biologist Alan  during his field study in the isolated  in Myanmar, India. Local hunters knew of the species

  • Talking Parrot

    “Angel in Disguise -Talking Parrot”

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    TALKING PARROT Here is the full form of a PARROT. P-Pal , A-Attractive, R-Radical, R-Remarkable , O-Observant, T-Talented“ Introduction: Parrots or talking parrots , also known as psittacines ,are birds of the roughly 372 species in 86 genera that