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Mammal yank badgers square measure engineered to dig. They move dirt quicker



than the other vertebrate, together with someone with a shovel! sturdy shoulders, durable claws, and partial webbing between their front toes enable them to scoop soil out quickly. they’re naturally shielded from flying dirt by clear membranes that shield their eyes and stiff hairs that keep their ear canals clean. Badgers dig in pursuit of prey so expand tunnels into sleeping burrows. they’re solitary, have a keen sense of smell, and square measure additional active at nighttime than within the day.

Body Structure :

Honey Badgers have a linear unit between sixty and seventy seven cms (23.5 – thirty inches), a tail length between twenty and thirty cms (8 – twelve inches) and that they weigh between seven and thirteen kgs (15 – twenty nine lbs).They have a heavyset build and that they square measure greyness on the highest of their head, back and tail and black elsewhere.

Behavior :

Dens and burrows area unit a really necessary a part of the badger’s life. A badgers imagessometimes has various completely different dens and burrows. It uses them for sleeping, hunting, storing food and parturition. A badger could amendment dens each day, except once it’s babies. Badger dens have one entrance with a pile of dirt next thereto. once a badger is vulnerable, it’ll typically back to a burrow and blank its teeth and claws. it should then plug up the burrow’s entrance.

Breeding :

Little is thought concerning copy in Honey Badgers. they need a litter of  one – four young that the feminine relocates to a brand new den each two – five days. The children venture from the den at three months previous and that they square measure virtually their full adult size at eight months previous. they have a tendency to remain with their mother for over a year before they disperse.

Diet :

Honey Badgers square measure fierce predators and that they prey on snakes, badger tuberculosisporcupines, hares,tortoises, amphibians, lizards, fruits, berries. Small burrowing mammals like ground squirrel, rats, gophers and mice frame most of the badger’s diet. It digs its prey out of the bottom with its sturdy, sharp claws. The badger can generally probe the burrow of associate degree animal and expect it to come. Coyotes typically can stand by whereas a badger is burrowing and catch animals that set out of a tunnel attempting to flee the badger. The badger conjointly fare snakes, birds and reptiles. it’ll generally bury additional food to eat later.

Life Cycle :

The badger mates between July and August, however the embryos do not extremely begin to grow till Gregorian calendar month or Feb. the feminine offers birth in March. she is going to have between one to 5 babies. The babies are weaned by Gregorian calendar month.

Health Problems:

Badger has several health issues which will harm for them. They have the infection problem. Normally the infection happens in their skin and intestine. They may also suffer in eye problems. Their teeth should be washed every day, otherwise they may have some dental problem.


The Price of a badger ranges from Rs 3000.00 to Rs 7000.00 . This is one of the best pet to be in your home.

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