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Beagle Running


Beagles are the medium sized dogs and are member of Hound Family developed in Great Britain around 1830’s. They are small dogs with short legs but are longer in length. The ears are long hanging on both sides of the face. These are mostly used to chase and track the rabbits, deer and hare. They are sturdy little hound dogs with square built. They have large eyes which are mostly brown in color and are set well apart. The tail of the dogs of this breed have straight and high which never curls over the back. They have medium length coat which is easy to groom.

Body Structure:

Beagles are short legged dogs but are fairly long. The muzzles are straight but are medium in length.The nose is broad full of nostrils. They have large brown eyes which are wide apart set on the face. The feet are firm and round in shape.  The skull is solid and long. The ears are long and low like pendant on the either side of the face.  The tail of the beagle stand straight and never curls on the back. They have medium coat which is hard but is easy to be taken care of.


Mother Beagle running with the Puppy

Temperament and Behavior:

Beagle is gentle and fun loving breed. They are happy to be in a family and always surrounded by the humans. They are social creature with a lot of bravery and intelligence. Beagle’s are sweet with kids and love to play with them. They are watchful and require patience. A firm training must be given to them at the initial stage so they can be socialized. They have the mind of there own so love to live independently.


They have smooth and short haired coat. They must be brushed with firm bristle comb but must be given bath when required with mild soap or shampoo. They are average shredder. The nails of the beagle must be trimmed time to time so that it do not cause any harm to anyone. The ears and eyes must be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth.


Beagle puppy playing outdoors

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Health Issues:

Beagle’s are healthy dogs, but there bare certain problems which you must be aware of. Beagles mostly get prone to epilepsy, allergies, cherry eyes,hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, heart disease and back problems.


Beagles can be a apartment dog but needs proper exercise and daily walk. As Beagles are traditionally Hunting Dogs they must be socialized in the initial stage. While taking them on walk they must kept on leash so that they do not run after anything or anyone to chase. This dog breed is very stubborn and responds on reinforcements.


cute small beagle

Weight :

In case of males it is 10-11 kg and in females it is 9-10 kg.

Height :

In case of males it is 14-16 inches and in females it is 13-15 inches.

Color :

Tan and White the two most found colors but can also be found in colors like lemon (very light tan), red, almost orange i.e.  like  brown,  darker brown and black.

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Life span :

It has a life span of 12-15 yrs.

beagle with puppies

Mother Beagle feeding the litters

Litter size :

Average 7 puppies.

Price :

The price of a Beagle ranges from $200-$600.


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