Bengal Cat Breed

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The Bengal cat is a hybrid cat located normally in Asia. They look like the wild cat but Bengal Catactually they are simple, people friendly and funny type pets. This breed is a cross between The Asian Leopard cat and domestic house cat. They have large spots, rosettes on their skins. They have a large and while belly. The color is partially similar to a leopard or a “Bengal tiger”.  They are normally joyful, playful energetic cats. They are not intimidated by water. Even they join swims with their master’s family.

Body Structure:
The Bengal cats are found in medium to large sizes. They have medium to large size body with muscular and powerful neck. They have a strong bone structure of their body which is robust. The neck is muscular as compared to the body.

The head of a Bengal cat is small as compared to the body. It is rounded with  prominent Bengal Cat Headcheck bones and broad muzzle. The ears are medium to small as compared to the head with rounded tips. They are set towards the side of the head. The eyes are large, over shaped and wide apart.

The legs are of medium size as compared to the body. The hind quarters are slightly longer. The leg is strong with short hairs. The paws are strong, large and muscled. The nails are tiny and sharp.

The body of a Bengal cat is relatively strong, muscular and long. The Shoulders are straight, not bowed to inwards or outwards. They shoulder joints are can lift up the weight of the whole body. The structure of its body is quite similar to a tiger. It has a long tail which is slightly bent. It may raise at the time of affection with human and other animals.

The normal height of a Bengal cat is around 16 inches.

The weight of a well matured Bengal cat is around 10-15 pounds.

The coat is the most unique feature in a cat. The coat is thick, soft, short, fine and plush. bengal catThe coat comes in two different patterns. One is spotted Bengal and the other one is marbled Bengal. The spotted coats are diagonal, random and horizontal. The shape of spots can be semi circular, rosette shaped and odd shaped. The spots can be range from black to dark brown color. The Contrast between the pattern and ground color is extreme. The marbled coats are identified by large patches which flow horizontally all over the body.

The Bengal cats are highly active and intelligent. They are usual funny in nature. They are human friendly, calm and strong. Usually they like to play games like fetch including in water. They have the willing to learn. They are so much confident in nature. You can test its intelligence through different puzzle games and tall cat tree. They love to play with children.

Health Problems:
These mixed breed cats have some incidence of health problem like Distal neuropathy, flat-chested kitten syndrome, hip problems and patellar luxation.

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