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Dogs , cats or any pet animals , if you think of parenting them then its your responsibility to take care of them and do not leave them on just your packed foods. Although , we do understand that your feeling for your pets only motivates you for paying to buy food for your pets.

But do you know what you are feeding your Pets?

I do not know , you can answer this question or not , but to day by chance , I was talking to one of my old friends , who had been known in our circle for his love towards pets and animals. Since past many years his aquarium had been reason of envy to his neighbors and currently his Rottweilers  . After having a long conversation , I realised that this knowledge should be shared with all pet lovers.

Your lovely Rottweler

Your lovely Rottweiler

Seeing these two healthy pets , I realized to release secret of health and parenting these two dogs have experienced.

whats should be in Pets food?

1. Most ideal combination of pet food is 50% vegetarian ( vegetable free and without salt and grains) and 50% Non vegetarian.

2. Always check the packet of any pet food material which you buy for your dog or cat , Protein sources should be high enough and your dogs food packet should not be bundled with ingredients or components which are present in your Potato chips packet.

3. Use semi boiled egg for your pets and avoid hard boiled egg or just liquid egg are of non good now a days because of possibility of many germs in liquid egg and full boiled egg yolk can cause digestion problem to your lovely pet.

4. Be carefull while feeding grains , while feeding any type of grains , you need to be care full of its orientation & ripening, I would suggest full grown whole grains not crushed and rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals. Except rolled oat (Rolled oat can be best served to your pets crushed)

Best Grain food mix can be Rolled oat , Barley , Millet

5.  Check packet if Meat quantity is not in percentage rather in grams , Most of the time low quality pets food packet will show off Meat quantity in grams in bold and then latter all ingredients which acts like filler and , if you calculate properly , your meat ingredients percentage goes down.

6. Take special care while using preservatives in your pets food. In many cases excess use or I should day improper use of preservatives in your pets food or dogs food make them lazy and slow.

7. Its not necessary to focus on brands while purchasing

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