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Blood hound is one of the oldest breed of dogs that hunt by scent. They are very affectionate. Colors of the bloodhound includes black and tan, liver and tan and sometimes in white. This large scent hound is originally used for tacking and trailing human beings. This dog is basically recognized for its long ears and wrinkled skin. The blood hound has excellent ability to follow any scent. It can recognize those scent smell as well which are very old. So that the dog is used for research and is important member of rescue team.




The bloodhound is a very powerful, massive hound dog. The head is long and narrow in proportion to the dog’s length and in proportion to the body. The muzzle is long and nose is black. The deeply sunk eyes are diamond in shape. Colour of eyes varies from deep hazel to yellow. The thin, soft droopy ears are set very low extremely long. The bloodhound has long, extra wrinkled skin hanging excessively loose. The muscular front legs are straight. The coat is wrinkled, short and fairly hard in texture, with softer hair on the ears and skull.


The bloodhound is a kind, noble, patient and loveable dog. They are gentle, affectionate and excellent with children. Very energetic, determined, independent and intelligent. Bloodhound needs firm but not heavy handed training. A bloodhound becomes devoted to its masters and gets along well with people. They can live in harmony with other dogs and household pets.


Bloodhounds are relatively inactive indoors and will do best with a medium- sized yard.

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Bloodhounds have smooth, shorthair coat which easy to groom. Grooming should be done with a hound glove. A rub with a rough towel will leave the coat gleaming. This breed is an average shedder. Clean the long, floppy ears regularly. Blood hound has thin skin so very much care is not required for them. It has abundance of the wrinkles on the top of the head. Its best to keep skin fold clean and dry.




Bloodhound should be fed with little meal rather than one huge meal per day. The feeding of Bloodhound is of primary importance. A good high quality dog food is a must. Puppies up to 4 months should be free fed, meaning availability of food at all times. That is  they can eat as they feel the need. After 4 months, a regular feeding schedule should be set.



This breed is prone to bloat. They should be fed with two or three small meals a day instead of one large one. Some suffers from stomach cramps. Prone to hip dysplasia, ear and eye infections.



Bloodhound needs regular excercise; it should be kept in an enclosed area when outside so that it does not go too far. The bloodhound grooming needs are little more than the occasional brushing of its coat, and the cleaning of dirt around its facial wrinkles. This breed can function as an indoor or outdoor dog,provided it has shelter and comfortable bedding.


They have a life expectancy of about 10 to 12 years.


The average price of wolfhound is $650.

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