Blue Racer Snake

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Blue Racer Snake:

Coluber constrictor foxii commonly known as the Blue Racer Snake has its origin from Southern Canada. This snake belongs to Colubridae family and are mostly found in various regions of  Northern America. The Blue Racer Snake is a sub specie of Eastern Racer. The Blue Racer snakes are fairly long and slender. Usually the back, sides and belly of the snake is black in color with some touch of white on the chin and the throat area. The scales on the snakes body are smooth and divides the anal plate. This Blue Racer Snake is similar to the Black Racer in appearance and habits. This Blue Racer snake is the second largest snake found in Ontario and found to be in bluish green or pale blue in color with blushing touch to get special effects on belly, chin and throat. this snake can grow to 2 meter. The eyes of these Blue Racer Snake are comparatively larger than that of other from the same specie and is encircled by the darker tone of the color of the body. 


Blue Racer Snake


The Blue Racer Snakes are active during day time and preferably spend their most time on grounds. As the Blue Racer snakes are non territorial so spend there life on the single place. The Blue Racer Snakes are very active mobsters. As they mobs very frequently on land as well as trees, and while doing so they keep there head up straight and moves fast from under bushes.  This specie is famous for non tolerating human activity which make them prefer the lonely areas or the areas which are less crowded. If they get annoyed of any activity they in return gives a painful bite. To warn the other snake of the same species the Blue Racer Snakes generates a buzzing sound with the help of its tail.


Blue Racer Snake


The Blue Racer Snake give a cluster of egg which can have minimum of 6 to maximum of 25 eggs. The female snakes get to the maturity level in the age of two but can not reproduce till the age of three. Whereas the males get the maturity level in the age of 11 months and can reproduce at the age of two. Generally these snakes reproduce twice in a year. The females makes their nest in the tree cavities, sand, leaf litters and unoccupied burrows. The females of Blue Racer Snake lay eggs and leave them afterwards. This reproduction process mostly takes place in June and July and the eggs get hatched in the month of August and September.

blue racer


Food Habits:

The Blue Racer Snake mostly get feed on rodents, insects, small mammals, birds, snakes and their eggs.

Life Span:

The average life span of this specie of snake is 5 to 20 years.


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