Brown Tree Snake

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Brown Tree Snake

Brown Tree Snake:

The Brown Tree Snake are the native species of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and North Coast of Australia. These snakes are generally 5 to 7 feet long. This snake is mildly poisonous. This breed of snake is infamous for eradicating species in Guam, where these snakes were left after World War II. This breed have almost invaded the native bird breed of Guam. This snake breed is very aggressive.


The Brown Tree Snake mostly work in nights. They posses two small grooved fangs at the rear of mouth. The grooved fangs are hollow in architecture so the venom amount released is less which is not efficient for an adult human to  get infected , but this may can affect an infant or younger child. The venom of the snake breed is weak neurotoxic. The venom of this snake breed is used to subdue the lizards only.


Head Shot of Brown Tree Snake


The brown Tree Snake have large head with large vertical pupils. They have dark cross band both o back and sides. In the native range these snakes are mostly one to two meter long. These snakes are long and slender which helps them in climbing the tree, and pass through the tiny spaces between the logs and buildings and other shaded parts where they can stay during the daytime to hide from daylight.


The brown Tree Snake is mostly found in the coastal and sub coastal northern and eastern regions of Australia and some southern part of Sydney.


This breed of snake is mostly found in the broad range of open forests, urban and  rural areas, rein forests, mangroves and rock escarpments.


Brown Tree Snake


These snakes mostly comes out in the night. They are very active in the night and inhabits forests, trees and shrubs. They are mostly found coiled in the hollow trees and caves.


The Brown Tree Snakes are not considered as dangerous generally. But the snake bite in Guam have produced symptoms like breathing problems in the patients who are ventilation and incubators.These problems are mostly found in the children. First Aid is suggested on the suspected bite.


Snake Coiled around the laid Eggs


This breed of snake mostly lay eggs around 3 to 11 at a time. This breed start breeding at the age of 3 years.


These Brown Tree Snakes mainly feed on birds and their eggs, but also takes small mammals, frogs and reptiles as their food.

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