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Bullmastiff is a domestic dog , with a large and strong built. It appears to be 60% bullmastiffmastiff and 40% bulldog. The bullmastiff is gentle and quite, a devoted guardian. They need a good loving home . The are generally good with kids. They bark less but they are good attackers. They are good and affectionate towards the other pets in the house. I have two dogs a bullmastiff and a Labrador they love each other and play together eat together. bullmastiffs are intelligent and loyal dogs.

Bullmastiffs are hard to control during their attacks and sometime they can attack because of misunderstanding or negligence of the owner. I named my bullmastiff as Ken as it suits its built . Dog with a strong built and a strong name.  sometimes if a bullmastiff attacks a person because of misunderstanding it will attack him every time he meets him. bullmastiff can also attack because of some strong sound as it irritates them and than the attack.

Body Structure:
Bullmastiff is one the strong dog breed in the world. they are massive and powerful. Their skull is large and broad in size. The muzzle is filled up with wrinkles. The color of their muzzle is usually dark. They have big teeth which are hidden within their muzzled mouth. they have the dark colored big eyes. The ears are V- shaped and raise high in the excitement and carried close to the cheeks in normal time.

Ned-Awakened-AestheticThey have a long strong tail which set high during excitement. Otherwise, the tail is straight or curved. It reaches to the hock. their back is short and leveled between withers and loin. They have a big body as compared to their skull. the body is strong and muscled. This breed is normally 60% mastiff and 40% bulldog. Their coat has less hair with brown , fawn, red marking on the head.  The size of the male Bullmastiff is around 25 to 28 inches while 24 to 26 inches in case of female Bullmastiff. The weight of male bullmastiff is 110 to 130 pounds. The Female bullmastiff has 100 to 120 pounds weight.

Types Of Breed:
There are different kinds of BullMastiff breed available in the world. They are Bullmastiffclassified into different categories based on their regions. Some of them are English, American , French and Italian Bullmastiff.   These breeds are quite similar to each other  in case of body structure, behavior. The Brazilian Bullmastiff is quite different from other breeds. This breed is a new breed mastiff. This is the cross breed between American pit bull and Tosu Inu. This breed is very large and they have less wrinkles as compared to the other breeds.

This breed is fully alert and devoted dog. They have good nature in temperament. They are affectionate and fearless. They don’t like attacks. usually they push their intruder, and hold him. At that time, they are tolerant of children. They are very intelligent, tempered in nature. They are loyal, obedient and egar to learn. this breed is the most dominant breed in mastiff.

The bluemastiff has a short and smooth coat. It requires weekly wash and clean. daily or weekly brushing is required. Because of this, the dead hairs will out. Use the shampoos which are only for dogs. Do not use the any other shampoos. Always carry a hand towel to clean his mouth. Keep their nails short and brush their teeth regularly.

Health Problems:
Bullmastiff may suffer from different serious health issues. They may have allergies, gastric problems, cancer, cardiac problems as well as eye and kidney problem. Regular checkup is mandatory for this breed.

Bullmastiff needs daily exercise to stay in shape. They need to take in daily walk for their better health. It do not do well in hot and humid weather. It is generally kept as a indoor dog . its life span is 8-10 years. Teach them to enter and exit all the door after the human.

It is recommended that a bullmastiff puppy should be kept on a low protein and low fat0002310010321_500X500 diet. protein level should not be higher than 26% and fat content should not be higher than 16%.  no canned dog food is recommended. they can easily eat food different dog brands. there should be 4 feeding per day and should be served less, around 1 cup per feed.

Growth rate :
Bullmastiff will gain on an average 1-1.5 kg per week. a bull mastiff will grow to height around in 10-12 moths. in around 18 moths the muscles will tighten up and he will start filling out. a bull mastiff will not be fully mature until the age of 3-4 years.

The mastiff puppies are so cute in nature and behavior.  Their price is around Rs. 12,000/- per puppy. So go and grab a puppy as soon as possible and make yourself feeling awesome to have a dog like this.


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