CANE CORSO – Cheap Dog Breed

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Cane Corso

Cane Corso:

The Cane Corso is an Italian Breed of dogs. This breed is bred to be working dog. They are courageous, loyal, intelligent and cheerful dog. These dogs are closely related to the Neapolitan Mastiff. They are well muscled and are not bulky as other mastiff’s. 

Body Structure:

The Cane Corso ia medium sized dog breed with strong and elegant built. They are powerful dogs so can be used as guard and watch dogs. They posses great strength and are very agile.  They posses arched neck which is strong and muscular. The neck is generally oval in shape. They have muscular body which is strong but is compact in size. They have thicker quality of skin.  The head is broad in size. Ears of this breed are mostly trimmed. The eyes are in almond shaped and have straight sight if had a look from front. They re mostly found to be two colors i.e. black and fawn. 

Temperament and Behavior:

The Cane Corso are very loyal and intelligent dogs. They are easy to train and are always willing to please their master’s. These dogs are very active but are even minded. These dog do great with children and family. They are affectionate and docile with the owner. These dog do well as guard or watch dogs. These dogs were bred to be strong working dogs. They must be socialized in the early ages as they get aggressive towards the strangers and other dog breeds. The ears of this breed re much more sensitive if compared to the other parts of the body. 


Cane Corso


These dogs does not require much of grooming. But need to be brushed or combed weekly to remove the dead hairs. They shed little of the coat. These dogs drool mostly in the hot weather after drinking water specially. The grooming of Cane Corsois easy as they have short coat. The coat conditioners are used to give the Cane Corso coat a bright sheen. They must only be bathed when required using a mild shampoo which is specially meant for dogs. The ears must be check as the wax collection can cause ear problem. The oral care must be done every week. To know more about the grooming and grooming accessories visit


Health Issues:

Cane Corso are robust dogs but can be prone to problems like bone and joint problem. They are prone to eye problem because of the folds of skin on their face. The eye problem includes Cataracts, retinal conditions and irritation against the eyeball. They are on the risk of heart diseases and hip and elbow dysplasia. They also get infected of skin diseases sometimes.


Cane Corso complete Family


The Cane Corso can do well in the apartments but need enough of exercise to remain fir and healthy. They live happily in the yard but are in need of proper shelter. These dogs need a lot of exercise as they are athletic. They must be taken on long jogs and walk on a regular basis . 


The height of Cane Corso between 60 to 70 inches for both male and female.


The Cane Corso male weight around 45 to 50 kg on an average where as the females weight around 40 to 45 kg.


Cane Corso mother with pup

Life Span:

The average life span recorded of Cane Corso is 10-11 years.

Litter Size:

The litter size of this dog on an average is 6 to 10.


The average coat of a Cane Corso pup is $800.

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