Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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intro welshCardigan Welsh Corgi originated in Wales. They are very low to the ground. They are also known as herding breeds. They are known for their loyalty. Very much familiar and friendly with people and are extremely family dogs. Cardigan is low set with heavy bone and deep chest. Originally they are used as Farm Dog.


Corgi first arrived in Cardiganshire in South Wales. The breed came into existence and became useful as the crown owned practically all land and farmers were permitted to fence for sometime only. Cardigan Welsh Corgi were working dogs and were used to herd farmer’s cattle and keep them safe and secure from predators.  There were two breeds of this type named Pembrokes and Cardigans. They appeared together in 1925. It was known that people favored Pembokes more than Corgi. They originated from the well known Teckel Family Of Dogs.


body welshCardigan Welsh dogs are 1.8 times longer than it is tall. They posses a heavy bone. They are small but powerful enough. The head is maintained in a good proportion with the rest of the body. There skull is flat and broadened as well. Cardigan has upright ears and fox brush tails.  The have erect ears and deep chest. Some Cardigans are born with longer coats called ‘fluffy corgi’. Their coat colors may be red, sable, fawn, brindle, black and tan with or without marking. Cardigan are slightly heavier than Pembrokes.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi are highly intelligent, obedient and have the ability to please others as well. They are reliable, dedicated and loving dogs. These dogs are very much good in athletes. They are proved as affectionate and excellent pets. They are devoted and responsible guardians as well. Corgis are nice with other pets and dogs. People keep them as watch dogs as they are highly alert to approach strangers. They can be ‘one man dog’ at times. If the owners do not properly communicate their aggressive behavior is natural.



Height: 10 – 13 inches (25 – 33 cm)
Weight: 25 – 30 pounds (11 – 14 kg)


Height: 10 – 13 inches (24 – 33 cm)

Weight: 25 – 30 pounds (11 – 14 kg)


healthCorgis are prone to canine hip Dysplasia, canine degenerative myelopathy, progressive retinal atrophy and intervertebral disc disease. They have a life span of 12 to 14 years. the common causes for their death may be cancer, old age and neurological disorders.Intervertebral disease is due to their long backs. Symptoms of this disease includes unsteadiness, difficulty in climbing stairs, weakness, paralysis.
Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a faminly of disease which involves damage of retina. The dogs become night – blind even they loose sight during day as their age goes increasing.


feeding welshIt is recommended that the owner should give 1 to 1.5 cups of high quality dry food daily divided into two meals. They like to eat and will consume anything if given chance. To keep them in shape they should be feeded twice a day rather keeping food for all day long.



grooming welshCardigans are double coated with longer topcoat and short undercoat. They shed continuously with a period of extreme shedding at least twice a year. It is necessary to brush cardigan to keep flying hair under control. The coat comes in different colors. Don’t insert anything in inner ear canal, just clean the outer ear.


A well socialized puppy from a reputed breeder will cost around $800 – $1000. The price becomes high but obvious if one wants an adult breed of the dog.


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