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Caribou is another name of Reindeer in North America. It is basically a species of deer. improve1bodyThey are mostly found in Arctic, Sub arctic, Tundra and Mountainous regions.mainmainmainimproveimproveSome of its species are spread world wide, some are rare while some has already gone extinct. Hunting and Herding of Caribou is the basic purpose of the people living in Arctic and Sub arctic areas.


Caribou have small tails and short ears, which make their body compact. They have long legs which help them for ploughing, swimming and for moving in a rough ground. bodyTheir body is fully coated with two layers of fur,body1.bmp so that heat is trapped inside their body. Caribou’s feet consist of four toes—two small and two large. They are self protected in winters as their hoof changes from thick and fleshy shape in summers to hard and thin in winter. Caribou are 50 inches tall and weighs around 400 pounds.


There are mostly five breeds of Caribou. The Barren- ground, the woodland, the prairies, the grant caribou and the European, which are also domesticated for different purposes. Some of these breeds are wild which are mostly used for hunting purposes.



Caribou constantly move in search of food. They travel thousands of miles every year. In summer their foot pads are soft to cover Tundra region while in winters, their foot pads shrink and become hard to cover snowy region. At the time of spring, they start migrating in groups. They are good swimmers, can cover up to 5-6 miles per hour.


Breeding is done both by males as well as females. Offspring’s are known as antlers. Antlers are mostly produced by males. Antlers produced by males are mostly larger in size than produced by females.



Grooming is very important for each and every animal. To ensure a caribou in a healthy situation he needs to be properly cared. A Caribou should visit veterinary in a period of 6 months for regular grooming.




There are many problems faced by a Caribou as they alone have to cope up with different weather conditions. Loss of fur is one of the major problem. For a caribou to be in a healthy condition, regular check up should be done. They should be feed with the proper food.

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