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  • Top 10 Cat breeds in the world

    Jul 9, 14 • 3798 Views • Animal, Cats1 Comment

    Introduction : For every style of person within the world, there’s a breed of cat that may suit his or her tastes and fashion. Active or set back, downy or lean, large or petite, there are such a big amount of cats to decide on from that even “dog

  • Cat Grooming

    Jun 14, 14 • 1733 Views • Cats1 Comment

    By nature, the cats are extremely fastidious. You have no doubt watched your kitty act as washing herself several times in a single day. For the most of the part she can happily take care of herself  in a very well way,but sometimes she’ll need a little

  • Cat Food

    Various types of Cat Food

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    Cat The domestic cat (Felis catus or Felis silvestris catus) is a small, usually furry, domesticated, and carnivorous mammal. It is often called the housecat when kept as an indoor pet,or simply the cat when there is no need to distinguish it from other


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    SCOTTISH FOLD CAT INTRODUCTION The Scottish fold is a breed of cat with a natural dominant –gene mutation that makes its ear cartilage contain a fold, causing the ears to bend forward and down towards the front of their head, which gives the cat


    Apr 23, 14 • 3831 Views • Cats4 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Maine Coons are typically known as the gentle giants of the cat world. They are one of the oldest natural breed in North America.. Maine coot breed is also known as long hair breed of cat. It has distinctive physical appearance and valuable

  • Balinese Cat

    Apr 20, 14 • 4584 Views • Cats5 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: A lively cat, the Balinese is also loving and will sit quietly with his owner, purring and being petted. The graceful Balinese is a medium-sized cat with a long, tubular body. He is definitely a slender cat with fine bones but does not appear to


    Apr 8, 14 • 2610 Views • Amazing Pets, Cats5 Comments

    LARGEST CATS IN THE WORLD This article will provide you the information about the largest cat in the world.The domestic cat is a small, usually furry, domesticated, and carnivorous mammal. It is often called the housecat when kept as an indoor pet, or simply

  • Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

    Apr 2, 14 • 10055 Views • Amazing Pets, Cats6 Comments

    Cats are the best choice for human as the pets. they are adorable, cute and obedient. They are also funny, joyful and human friendly in nature. They can throw all the sorrow from your life with their happiness. This article contains the most expensive cat

  • CATS

    Mar 31, 14 • 2990 Views • Animal, Cats5 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Cats were domesticated sometime between 4000 to 5000 years ago. Small wild cay started dwelling where human stored their grain. These are basically domestic pet animal which are used for household purpose. The scientific name of a cat is FELIS


    Mar 11, 14 • 3051 Views • Cats7 Comments

    Japanese bobtail is the most wonderful breed among all the cats. These cats are full of energy and is always playful and loving. They are said to be a very intelligent and an independent animal. Its body is usually covered with soft hair because of which it