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  • How to select a Horse

    May 5, 15 • 2378 Views • Animal, HorseNo Comments

    At the point when selecting the horse, you’ll have to know precisely what you plan to finish with them. Do you fundamentally require a horse for riding? What about dashing? Alternately do you maybe plan to take your horse around and contend in shows

  • Know About Equus Caballus, A unique variety in Horse

    Apr 6, 15 • 3078 Views • Animal, HorseNo Comments

    The research is all about Know About Equus Caballus, A unique variety in Horse. Type A substantial hoofed, warm-blooded well evolved creature. General Owning a steed is an exceptionally remunerating knowledge, however it is not for everybody. Make sure to

  • Do Horses Sleep Standing Up?

    Jul 4, 14 • 6501 Views • Amazing Pets, Animal, Horse1 Comment

    Horse is one the fastest and top most liked pet among the Human. They usually love to run. But why don’t they lie down in relax time? What is the main reason for which they don’t lye down even while they are sleeping? Sleeping is the best pill to

  • Arabian Horse

    Mar 12, 14 • 4606 Views • Animal, Horse10 Comments

    The history of the Arabian horse spans back at least 4,500 years. Over the millenium, the breed was spread around the world as the result of both war and trade. Arabian horses are believed to have originated in the desert and display one of the most