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  • Bengal Cat Breed

    Feb 28, 14 • 11067 Views • Cats10 Comments

    The Bengal cat is a hybrid cat located normally in Asia. They look like the wild cat but actually they are simple, people friendly and funny type pets. This breed is a cross between The Asian Leopard cat and domestic house cat. They have large spots, rosettes

  • Pug Breed

    Feb 28, 14 • 10288 Views • Dogs9 Comments

    The Pug breed is a small , square , stocky and thickset dog. This dog is also called as “the big dog  in a small size”. This is a toy dog with wrinkles on its face and short muzzled face. This breed is looking so cute, fine with glossy skin. It can

  • German Shepherd Breed

    Feb 27, 14 • 5984 Views • Dogs13 Comments

    The GERMAN SHEPHERD Dog (normally called as GSD) is one of the best dog breed in the world. These are considered as the strong, well muscled, alert, energetic dog breed. German Shepherds are also called as different names such as Alsatian, Berger Allemand.