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    Snowy Egret

    Apr 16, 14 • 2435 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds4 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: The snowy egret is a widely distributed bird species and known as Western Hemisphere wading bird. This bird is  represented on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of North America as Egretta thula of class Aves. This bird of order Ciconiiformes is

  • Mourning Dove ( Dove Bird )

    Apr 8, 14 • 6838 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds6 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Mourning Doves or Game Dove are birds that are quite similar to pigeons. The Mourning Dove ( Scientific Name is Zenaida macroura) is a member of the Dove family ( that is, Columbidae ). This bird is also called as either Turtle Dove or

  • Pied Crow

    Apr 1, 14 • 7461 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds8 Comments

    Pied Crow is an African Bird species which is widely spread. They are approximately same size as of European crow or a little larger from them. They have slightly longer tail and wings. And also the legs are longer. They have black head and neck continuing

  • Amazon Parrots

    Mar 18, 14 • 7502 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds6 Comments

    Amazon Parrots belong to genus Amazona. These are medium size parrots and are     native to South America, Mexico & Caribbean. Predominantly they are green in color but can be vivid depending upon various species. Primarily their fodder are nuts,