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  • Bird Grooming

    Jun 21, 14 • 2346 Views • Birds1 Comment

    Birds within the wild are beware of their own grooming wants. However, your pet bird would force some help from you. Birds can keep their feathers in good shape by preening. Preening is that method where the birds keep their feathers sleek by running their


    Snowy Egret

    Apr 16, 14 • 2458 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds4 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: The snowy egret is a widely distributed bird species and known as Western Hemisphere wading bird. This bird is  represented on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of North America as Egretta thula of class Aves. This bird of order Ciconiiformes is

  • Warbler

    Apr 15, 14 • 5742 Views • Birds7 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: A number of Passeriformes (perching birds) are there called warblers. They share some characteristics, like being fairly small, vocal, and insectivorous and are not closely related to one another. They are brownish or dull greenish in color. Are

  • Mourning Dove ( Dove Bird )

    Apr 8, 14 • 6877 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds6 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Mourning Doves or Game Dove are birds that are quite similar to pigeons. The Mourning Dove ( Scientific Name is Zenaida macroura) is a member of the Dove family ( that is, Columbidae ). This bird is also called as either Turtle Dove or


    Apr 7, 14 • 2891 Views • Birds, Small Pet Birds6 Comments

    EASTERN TOWHEE HISTORY Eastern Towhee is a over sized sparrow of east, a strikingly marked new world sparrow .It is feathered with bold black warm and reddish brown feathers .Eastern Towhee are basically undersized bird and they make a very loud noise which


    Apr 6, 14 • 2793 Views • Birds6 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Cockatoo are one of the natures most unusual parrots.The name cockatoo originated from the Indonesian name, kaka (k) tu. These parrots are cuddly in nature.there are 21 species of Cockatoo in the world.everyone of these species has a crest that


    Apr 6, 14 • 2167 Views • Birds, Uncategorized7 Comments

     INTRODUCTION: Eastern King-bird is known as Tyrannus Tyrannus which means tyrant or king. They are called so because of their aggressive nature. They are  one of the dominating birds and are fairly large flycatchers. Eastern King-bird are not listed as

  • American Coot

    Apr 4, 14 • 2539 Views • Amazing Pets, Birds6 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: The American Coot is a migratory bird that occupies most of North America.It lives in the pacific and southwestern United states and Mexico year-around and occupies more northeastern regions during the summer breeding season.In the winter they

  • Toucans

    Apr 2, 14 • 2566 Views • Birds, Large Pet Birds7 Comments

    Toucan is the bird native to the rain forests of Central and South America and the Caribbean. They have colorful bills and are among the most popular bird’s of the world. Presently there are more than 40 species of Toucans in the American jungles. They


    Apr 2, 14 • 4150 Views • Amazing Pets, Birds3 Comments

    INTRODUCTION: Roseate Spoonbill is known by the name of   Platalea  Ajaja. These birds belongs to the group of large birds mainly the class of aves. They are characterized by the pink color feathers. In present scenario these birds are under the threat of