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  • Pied Crow

    Apr 1, 14 • 7575 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds8 Comments

    Pied Crow is an African Bird species which is widely spread. They are approximately same size as of European crow or a little larger from them. They have slightly longer tail and wings. And also the legs are longer. They have black head and neck continuing

  • Cockatoo

    Mar 24, 14 • 3587 Views • Birds, Large Cockatoos, Small Cockatoos7 Comments

    Cockatoo are one of the nature’s most unusual parrots. The name cockatoo originated from the Indonesian name, kaka (k) tu. There are 21 species of Cockatoo in the world. Every one of these species has a crest that can be put up or down. All species occur in

  • Talking Parrot

    “Angel in Disguise -Talking Parrot”

    Mar 20, 14 • 8862 Views • Birds, Cockatiels, Large Cockatoos, Parrots8 Comments

    TALKING PARROT Here is the full form of a PARROT. P-Pal , A-Attractive, R-Radical, R-Remarkable , O-Observant, T-Talented“ Introduction: Parrots or talking parrots , also known as psittacines ,are birds of the roughly 372 species in 86 genera that

  • African Gray Parrot

    Mar 20, 14 • 3373 Views • African Greys, Birds, Large Pet Birds6 Comments

    The African Grey parrot is a wonderful and highly intelligent bird. African Grey parrots require a serious commitments and are great lifelong companions. They are generally found in primary and secondary rain forest of West and Central Africa. They are also

  • Amazon Parrots

    Mar 18, 14 • 7588 Views • Birds, Medium Pet Birds6 Comments

    Amazon Parrots belong to genus Amazona. These are medium size parrots and are     native to South America, Mexico & Caribbean. Predominantly they are green in color but can be vivid depending upon various species. Primarily their fodder are nuts,

  • Love Birds

    Mar 12, 14 • 18519 Views • Birds13 Comments

    A love bird is one of the prettiest birds all over the world . It comes under one of the nine species of genus Agapornis (Greek: love bird). It is a parrot to parrot love. They are pint sized bundles of joy. They do have a full personality of parrot while

  • Love Birds

    Mar 6, 14 • 13847 Views • Birds6 Comments

    Lovebirds are one of the most beautiful bird all over the world. They are the smallest parrot. These birds are called as Lovebirds because they usually live in pair. Normally  they live in Africa and Madagascer. These bird include the species named