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  • Bushmaster Snake – Longest Venomous Snake

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    Bushmaster Snake: Bushmaster have their scientific name as LACHESIS. They are the longest venomous snakes in the world. This snake have three known species which are: Lachesis Muta (South American Bushmaster), Lachesis Stenophrys ( Central American

  • A Yellow Rat Snake

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    A Yellow Rat Snake The Yellow Rat Snake are also known as the Eastern Rat Snakes. These belongs to the Colubridae family of snakes. This family of snake is the largest family. These snakes often climbs the trees. These snakes are very slow in movement and

  • Rough Green Snake

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    Rough Green Snake : Rough Green Snake have Opheodrys Aestivus as their scientific name. These snakes are Non Venomous and are mostly found in the regions of Northern America. This specie of snake belongs to Colubrid Family. These snakes are also known to be

  • Blue Racer Snake

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    Blue Racer Snake: Coluber constrictor foxii commonly known as the Blue Racer Snake has its origin from Southern Canada. This snake belongs to Colubridae family and are mostly found in various regions of  Northern America. The Blue Racer Snake is a sub

  • Brown Tree Snake

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    Brown Tree Snake: The Brown Tree Snake are the native species of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and North Coast of Australia. These snakes are generally 5 to 7 feet long. This snake is mildly poisonous. This breed of snake is infamous for eradicating

  • King Cobra

    Mar 27, 14 • 8585 Views • Snakes6 Comments

    INTRODUCTION:  King Cobra is one of the most deadly and poisonous snake in the world. The scientific name is this snake is “Ophiophagus Hannah”. The king cobra is the worlds longest snake,with a length up to 18.5 to 18.8 ft. This species which