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Chinese crested are the hairless breed of dogs. Chinese crested dogs were originated in Africa and were called “African Hairless Terriers”. It is also believed that the Chinese mariners sailed with this breed and it was evolved on the board during the sailing.

When the Chinese were suffering from the plague the hairless dogs were shipped to abroad in order to hunt the vermin during the mid nineteenth century and that was the time when the Chinese began to appear in European art and then it was entered in the American dog show in 1885 in Westminster Kennel club show in New York. In 1965 it was not recognized by AKC due to the lack of small numbers of the dog breed but in 1991 it was recognized by AKC.


ppea haiThe Chinese crested is a fine boned dog with .It is a elegant toy dog which loves human companionship. It has a medium to fine-boned and smooth hairless body with hairless feet. Head and tail are covered with a soft veil of hair. Two distinct types of this breed are Deer type, racy and fine-boned, and Cobby type, heavier in body and bone.
Then again the Chinese crested can be classified in two types are powder puff and hairless and the major difference between them is that the hairless does have hair on its feet, head, tail.

LIFE SPAN : 10 to 12 years
WEIGHT : 4.5 kg to 5.9 kg
HEIGHT : 12 inches


chinese 2The Chinese crested are very affectionate, outgoing and lively dogs. They should be well socialized as puppies with both people and other dogs as they are prone to timidity. The dogs are very alert,lively, playful, sweet tempered and affectionate type of dog .They can become very friendly with family and can make a great family pet. The dog should not be treated in much baby manner because they will become more stubborn. The dog should be trained for being socialised from starting when they are small puppy.

The power puff and the hairless breed requires different types of grooming.


grooming hair 2The power puff has a double coat but then also it requires some actions. The dog should be brushed several times a week to prevent matting and should be bathed once a week depending on how much time it spends outdoors. The dog coat should be kept clipped as it helps to keep the dog cleaner. To do so the dog should be clipped every in every 3rd or 4th month by a trained person with proper equipment.


chinese crestedGrooming of a hairless breed is quiet easy. They can be given bath with daily used products of a humans .In case they become allergic to any of the product it can be replaced. They have a common problem of acne. So if using any product is causing irritation must be changed immediately. Clipping and/or shaving can cause razor burn and/or breakouts. Hairless breed may become sunburned, especially lighter colored dogs. Sunscreen for sensitive skin, babies or  young children works well.


Chinese crested can be feed with homemade food but there are some points that need to be remembered while choosing a homemade diet of the dog. food crested

  • Diet should contain enough amount of calcium, vitamins, and minerals
  •  This dog breed have a really sensitive kidney so supplement vitamin c should be avoided.
  • Citrus food should be avoided as it contains acid which can lead to unwanted infections and complications.
  • They also have a sensitive digestive system so the owner should include red meat.


The price of Chinese crested is range between $500 to $1000.


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