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The Chow Chow commonly known sometimes as Chow is a large stocky dog. They originally are the native of Northern China. There they are known as Songshi Quan. They are also famous as the dog of Tang Empire. The Chow Chow are very well mannered dog. They are independent and dignified breed of dogs and are very good as guard dog and watch dog.



Chow Chow attach themselves for one person even though they will have affection for the whole family. They are fine with children but some times children do get disappointed because the dogs are not very good hugger. They have several unique characteristics such as they have a blue black tongue, the coat of teddy bear, the scowl of a lion and stilted gait. They are all purpose dogs and are capable of hunting, herding, pulling a cart, guarding homes etc. Chow Chow have a low activity level and can survive happily in any family. One or two walks daily will satisfy their daily exercise needs. They become aggressive towards people which is not acceptable in their nature. They have a typical Spitz appearance. They are even more socialized when they are young.



They have a blue – black tongue and have straight hind legs. The head is large and wide with a flat skull. There is a ruff portion behind the head which gives some what lion like appearance. Chow have a black nose with open nostrils. They have triangular shaped ears which are round at the tip. They posses a furry coat which usually comes in two varieties i.e. smooth and rough. The common colors in which they are mostly found is solid red, black, blue and cream. The blue black tongue comes in most of the chow chow as mostly chow chow retain that color.



Chow chow requires a very dominant owner. Whether one is adopting either a puppy of an adult dog, they need to make rules and stick to it. The owner must be calm in nature. They are not very much active and can be kept in apartments and houses. But they need exercise daily in day to day life. They do believe that they are the owner of the house and therefore need to be commanded well. They become aggressive and stubborn as they age. So is the reason that training them when they are puppies is so crucial. When chow chow reach adolescence they do not listen to owner if they have really not gained his admiration.


Chow chow do sometimes suffer from eye irritation which is commonly known as Entropion which is caused by eyelid abnormality. Though it could be corrected through surgery. They atre also prone to Hip dysplasia, Stomach cancer, Hot spots and ear infections. Due to their short muzzles they snore too.



They need the right nutrients for themselves. Nutrients are good for their skin, hair and overall health. The food given to them must contain digestible proteins. Chow chow needs to have food twice daily. It should be seen that chow chow must never be over eaten because they will then develop the hip disease.groom

Regular brushing of their coat is important to maintain their outlook. The shedding seasons require more grooming. They are sensitive to heat so must be kept in a cooler weather.


A good quality dog would cost $1000  onwards. The kennel club would sell the best breed of dog. The pricing do depend on the type of dog you want.

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