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Cockatoo are one of the natures most unusual parrots.The name cockatoo originated from the Indonesian name, kaka (k) tu. These parrots are cuddly in nature.there are 21 species of Cockatoo in the world.everyone of these species has a crest that can be put up or down. All species occur in Australia, Indonesia and the island around Oceania.


body of cock

  • These birds are medium to large parrots with thick heavy bills that range from 12-28 in (30-70cm) in length
  • They  have an erectile crest that rises when the bird is threatened, excited, angry or ready to play.
  • White is the most common color of these birds. Some species may have orange, pink or yellow, while grey or black coloring is rarer.
  • The umbrella Cockatoos has a distinct white crest that rises like an umbrella, which differentiates it from other white cockatoos.
  • The male cockatoo has a black or dark brown iris while female cockatoo has a light-brown or red-brown iris.


They have an erectile crest they will raise when threatened, excited, angry or ready to play.Moluccas cockatoos can be extremely noisy and will scream out seemingly at random. They are very social and extremely sensitive. These species are at increased risk for feather destructive behavior and self-mutilation.Foraging is an important part of normal daily parrot activities.


These birds are monogamous breeders, with pair bonds that can last many years. The cockatoos are cavity nesters, nesting in holes in trees which they are unable to excavate themselves. These hollows are formed from decay or destruction of wood by branches breaking off , fungi or insects such as termite or woodpeckers where their ranges overlap. The eggs of the bied are oval and initially white .However, they do become discolored over the course of incubation .


groom cock

Birds are a lively and engaging breed of parrot, and mist enjoy playing in water. this love of water makes it fairly easy to groom cockatoo at homelike most birds, cockatoos are self groomers, and they are constantly preening their feathers. Grooming consist of providing water for a bat hand clipping the bird’s nails.


It can come down with most of the same diseases as any other type of bird, they are prone to certain illnesses. Some of the common health problems in cockatoos are-

Psittacosis Beak & Feather Disease

Caused by circovirus that attacks the cells of the immune system and cells that produce the beak and feather.


High fat diet and lack of activity can cause this problem.An overweight cockatoo may have problem in breathing.

Fatty Liver Disease

In birds the liver stores energy in the form of fat. As an increasing amount of fat is stored there, liver cells are lost.


Another problem associated with obesity is lipomas, benign fatty tumors that usually appear on the lower part do bird’s abdomen.

Bumble foot

This health problem is characterized by lameness, swelling of bird’s foot.

PROPER CARE:are cook

 For a smaller bird, it’s cage should be no smaller than 30’’ wide by 20’’ deep by 43’’deep.for larger cockatoos such as umbrella cockatoo the cage must be made strong enough for a cockatoo to hang, and withstand a cockatoo’s powerful beak.Bells are wonderful toys for cockatoo which makes them happy.


food cock

Cockatoo eat fresh fruits and vegetables. They can also eat meats. Cockatoos are not fussy eaters. Deep fried should never be given to cockatoo’s. Dairy products are safe for cockatoo’s however this too must be limited.




These birds are very attractive and intelligent. Their price varies from $700-$1000.

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