Collie – A Cute Guard Breed

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The Collie is a native breed of Scotland. These were primarily used as herding dogs. They are medium sized dogs. The Collie are very friendly and energetic outdoors.

Body Structure:

Collie are large and strong dogs which are lean. The head of this breed is wedge shaped. The teeth of this breed must meet in scissor bite. The eyes are almond shaped and medium in size. They mostly have dark brown eyes except in blue merles as they have eye color as blue or one of the shade. The ears are erect with tip folding forward . The neck is quite long. The body is longer than being tall. The tail is turned upward with a twist or swirl and is moderately long. The Collies are found in two types of coat i.e. Rough and Smooth. The rough coat is long and is spread all over the body. It is shorter on the legs and head. The outer coat is hard to touch where as the under coat is soft and thick. The smooth coat is similar on the whole body. It is mostly one inch dense. Both the coat comes in variety of colors.



Temperament and Behavior:

The Collie is devoted toward the owner and the family. This dog breed is very gentle and mannered. These dogs need daily exercise may it be physical or mental else they get frustrated. This dog try to please the master. This breed of dog is very sensitive and immensely intelligent, but sometimes are very stubborn. They must be socialized to avoid suspecting behavior.


The coat of Collie is stiff which shed the dirt easily, so need weekly brushing. They require extra care when the soft under coat sheds. The long haired Collie are taken to the shows so need proper grooming.If these dogs are not taken to show the coat must be cut down to short so that it does not create problem from them. This dog breed necessarily requires bath and dry shampooing. The Collie with rough coat shed twice in a year heavily where as the soft coated Collies are average shedder.

Health Issues:

The Collie is generally a healthy breed but can get infected sometimes. This breed is most prone to eye diseases, hip problem like dysplasia which can lead to lameness or arthritis. The nose of this breed is very sensitive to sun so need sunblock. The Collie have genetic problems like stem cell disorder.


Black and White Collie

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Collies can live comfortably anywhere but must get proper exercise. A small yard would be enough to play and a daily walk or jog is necessary. They enjoy the company of the master and loves to be in family. They must not be left alone for longer period of time. This can lead to excessive barking. This breed dog get bored being alone and easily get frustrated. They must be socialized in the younger age to avoid aggression on other animals.


Height measurement of Collie mostly lie between 22 to 26 inches both in males and females.



The male Collie weight around 27 to 35 kg where as the weight of  female varies between 23 to 29 kg.


Collie mother with pups

Life Span:

The life span of Collie is 14 to 16 years.

Litter Size:

The Collie have litter size of 4 to 8 but have average of 6.


The starting range of a Collie pup is $1200.

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