Congo African Grey Parrot

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Congo African Grey Parrot:

The Congo African Grey Parrot have their scientific name as Psittacus Erithacus. It is the largest and commonly known African Bird. The Congo African Grey Parrots are originated in the Central Africa along with the southeast of the Ivory Coast which extends to the western Kenya and down towards Tanzania and Angola.These Congo African Grey Parrots are lighter grey in color and larger in size. A progressive change in the shade and size can be notice if one moves from Ghana or Togo.


The Congo African Grey Parrots are approximately 12 to 14 inches in length and usually weight around 500 g. They are Grey in color which can be determined by the name of the bird. These birds posses dark black beak. The tail of the Congo African Grey Parrot are dark red in color. These birds are known to be the Einstein of the bird world. These are highly talkative birds. These parrots love to learn new things.


The Congo African Grey are feed primarily on the fruits and seeds of palm nut, flowers, insects and the leave of the tree. They also eat small snails sometimes. If the birds are in captivity they are feed with rice, potato, cereals, corn, beans, pasta, bread and chicken. As these birds are deficient of Vitamin A and require extra calcium so are feed with  bones, oyster shell in the diet as supplements.


The Congo African Grey are the bird which live in a relation with single bird for whole of its life. These birds do not prefer changing their partner every time they mate. These birds mostly make their nest in the tree cavities. The female Congo African Grey lay around 3 to 5 eggs after matting. These birds mate several times in a day for weeks. The female incubates the eggs for around 30 days to let the egg hatch. The male is responsible for collecting and feeding the infants. It takes almost around 12 weeks for a young to leave the nest.

Life Span:

The Congo African Grey Parrots have the potential to live a long life of almost around 50 years or more.

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