Containment Systems

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Containment Systems:

DogTek Electronic dog fences

DogTek Electronic dog fences

A system which creates invisible fences for the pet to let them be i the boundaries, as pets love to be in open place for play and fresh air to enjoy the freedom and explore the world. But letting them outdoors alone is not safe. As they love to run and roam they can wander on the busy streets, heavy traffic or can cause harm to themselves or to others. Being a responsible and caring owner or master of the pet you must always keep the check that your pet is safe and out of harm way. This is not so easy to leave the the pets in open gardens and yards and no one wants to put fences or bars around to spoil the view of there property.

But know we have a solution to it. You can show your property and can maintain the safety of pets as well with the help of Containment System. This is a system which helps the owner to define the boundaries and limit for your  pets depending on the size and nature they inherit. These safe containment system are reliable and comes with a set of instructions to be followed while training the pet. So that your pet can enjoy outdoors with your peace of mind set.

D.E. Systems Border Patrol

D.E. Systems Border Patrol

The pet Containment System is a concept, has now became a revolution which provides the simplest and the safest way to avoid pet accidents. To use these system you just have to place the transmitter in the house and have to set the range. The transmitter will emit the radio signals around the place till the range set. This system comes with a collar which make the dog know his boundary. The collar is light weighted and is a receiver of those radio signals. Since the collar is receiving the signals your pet is free to play and roam in the open place. Till the time the pet approaches the boundary an alert beep is transmitted from the collar which makes the pet move back. If the pet does not return on that beep and try to cross the boundary then he receives a startling but not harmful correction.  With the help of this system and a little training your pet will learn his boundaries very soon.

Some of the products best known for this system are:

1. DOG Stubborn Dog Electronic Radio In Ground Dog Training Fence – up to 2 dogs

2. Extra receiver for stubborn dog training fence

Solar Powered Electric Dog Fence

Solar Powered Electric Dog Fence

3. 150m heavy duty copper wire dog pet fence

4. D.E. Systems Border Patrol: GPS Containment System, Remote Trainer and Short-Range Tracking Unit


6. Perimeter invisible mini dog fence dog electronic containment system -ultra small

7. Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence-Made In USA

8. Solar Powered Electric Dog Fence/ Dog Containment Fencing /Electronic dog fencing

9. Top Quality DogTek Electronic In Ground Radio Containment Dog Fence Up to 2Dogs Made in France


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