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A love bird is one of the prettiest birds all over the world . It comes under one of the cute-love-birds-parrot-beautifulnine species of genus Agapornis (Greek: love bird). It is a parrot to parrot love. They are pint sized bundles of joy. They do have a full personality of parrot while being easy to house because of their size. Love birds love to hang from toys, roll them around and dance on your shoulder. People do believe lovebirds must be kept in pairs. But it is not so. A single lovebird makes a better pet because it bonds to you rather than to another love bird. They are the most beautiful and entertaining birds.

Body Structure:

Normally Love birds are small in size. Their body is thick and have a beautiful coat. They have a round head and small as compared to the body. Eyes are small, black and round. They have a long, smooth and big chest as compared to the head. The lower mandiple is small than the upper one. their nose (Cere) is on the upper mandiple. it is quite small.

These birds are normally 5 to 6 inches long. They have a quite long feather as compared to their body which helps them to control their movement in the air. they have also a large beak. The Life span of Love Bird is around 10 to 15 years.


There are nine species of lovebirds out of which five are monotypic and four are divided into sub species. Generally, lovebirds are divided into three groups:

Lovebirds1. Sexually dimorphic species: This species of lovebirds are Madagascar, Abyssinian and Red Headed. They are quite different from other lovebirds. These lovebirds are normally black collared. They are 15 to 16.5 cm long.

2. The intermediate species: These species are  Peach face Lovebird. their body is green with red face and throat. they have also a green tail with blue rumps. They are normally 6 to 7 inches long.

3. The white-eye-ringed species: Masked, Fishcer’s and black cheeked lovebirds. This species has orange forehead. they have a read beak with green body and blue tail. They are normally 10 cm long.

Hybrid Lovebirds: 

Mixture of Fishcer’s  lovebirds and Masked lovebirds live in cities of East Africa. There is interspecific hybrids between there two species. This hybrid has reddish brown on head and has orange on upper chest, else resemble the Masked lovebird.

How To Keep Lovebirds As Pet:        

Lovebirds are very entertaining pets. Keeping them rewarding, but you should consider several things before bringing a bird home.                                             lovebird-cages

1. Lovebirds live well into their teens.
2. Lovebirds can make some noise during the day time.
3.Buy or built a suitable cage. A  perfect cage for the lovebirds ranges from   Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 10,000/- . 
4. Find a reputable shop or breeder.
5. Decide whether you want a tame or a ‘look only’ lovebird.
6. Decide whether you want a single or in pair love bird.
7. Buy and bring the lovebird home.
8. Feed your bird a balance diet and enjoy your pet.


To determine the lovebird sex is quite difficult. After the maturity of one year , it may show signs whether it is male or female. This behavior is not a reliable indicator. The only sure method of testing is the DNA test. Some experts  can sex them by feeling beneath the body.


These are Very active, curious and playful lovebirds. They are also small feisty little birds. They are quite social and form deep bonds with their owners. Some experts believe that female lovebirds are prone to jealousy than males.

800px-Agapornis_personatus_-Honolulu_Zoo,_Hawaii,_USA-8a (1)Housing and Environment:  

Lovebirds require an appropriately sized cage. Their beaks are made of Keratin, which grows on a regular basis. They require plenty of toys such as willow branches, swings, tunnels, boxes etc. They enjoy several interaction a day and are extremely social. It is advised that if the owner leaves house for sometime , he must keep the radio or tv open to provide sound. Lovebirds enjoy baths and like to sun themselves daily.

Nesting and Grooming:     

The female will carry nesting material into the nest in various ways. The peach faced lovebird tucks nesting material in the feathers as others as such. Lovebirds need more grooming and care in comparison to normal pets.                                        


Some people who keep lovebirds as pets practice the clipping of the flight feathers for safety. Lovebirds have a habit of chewing things so one must ensure and watch them against electric wire, furniture’s etc. It is recommended to only birds of same species together for due reasons.       


Love birds are the most beautiful birds in the world. They always love to stay in pair. That’s why they are named as “Love Birds” . Usually they come in pair. You can buy them as a single. The Price of a Lovebird  pair is    Rs 2280/- only.  Money does not matter in case of your love and affections towards the animals.                                                                                                                         


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