Dachshund – A small cute dog

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dachshund in black-tan

Dachshund :

Dachshunds are small and long dogs, which comes in three varieties i.e. smooth, wirehaired and longhaired. The smooth Dachshunds have short hair whereas wirehaired have rough coat with medium length hairs while the longhaired Dachshunds are soft coated dogs with pretty long hairs. This breed of dogs have there birth place Germany. This breed is a delight to be added to a family as pet be it of any size. This breed comes under top pet breeds. This breed share a very strong bond with a single person of the family which sometimes create a trouble for others in the family. To avoid this situation they should be trained and made socialized from the early age. This breed is very notorious and stubborn. They have high potential of digging and making holes in the ground. They are very suspicious to the strangers. They are very entertaining and loyal to the family.

Body Structure :

Dachshunds are longer that being tall. They have muscular body with short legs. The head is elongated with long muzzles. The teeth of this breed meets in scissor bite. They have long ears which hang on the cheeks of the breed. The tail of the tog is in a straight line to the back of the dog. The coat is sleek, shiny and uniform which is very easy to groom.



Temperament and Behavior :

These are very clever dogs. They are curious and devoted to their families. This breed is lively and enjoy to the fullest if taken out. They are proud and brave by nature. They are aggressive toward other dog breeds and strangers as well. To learn hoe to groom your dog Click.

Grooming :

The long haired Dachshund  must be brushed on regular basis. The wire haired Dachshund  needs to be groomed by trimming of hairs twice in a year. Where as the short haired need to be just rubbed by a soft cloth to groom them. The Dachshund  are average shedder.

Color :


Dachshund’s Colors

Dachshunds have a large variety of colors and patterns. They can be of single shade or can have spots of other colors. The most common color is black and tan. By are also found in the combination of black, fawn, tan, chocolate and cream.

Health Issues :

Dachshunds mostly suffer from gastric torsion, patellar luxation , diabetes, KCS (keratoconjnuctivitis Sicca) and deafness.Since these dogs have long body so they mostly get affected of spinal cord problems. This breed is also prone to obesity which causes spinal injury. They also hearing and visual problems. To learn about the health are care of the dogs click!

A diving dachshund pursues a sinking tennis ball underwater

Diving Dachshund to catch underwater tennis ball

Care :

This breed is very energetic and have a lot of stamina. They enjoy playing outdoors with other dogs. They even like to hunt as they are born hunters and dig. They can do well in small apartments as well with ample amount of exercise for a day.

Height :

Dachshund have height of approx 8 to 9 inches.

Weight :

Dachshund weight between 4 to 15 kg.

Life Span :

The average life span of Dachshund is around 12- 15 years.                                       Click to know more about cutest dog breeds.


Dachshund Mother with Puppies

Litter Size :

The litter size of Dachshund is average of 4 to 6 pups.

Price :

The cost price of single Dachshund pup is between $300 to $600.


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