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The dog  may be a craniate from the Canidae.It’s been domesticated by humans for a protracted time.It absolutely was the primary animal ever to be domesticated.Dogs are employed by humans for several various things, for work and as pets.They area unit a well-liked pet as a result of they area unit typically quizzical,friendly,and hear humans.Thirty million dogs within the us area unit registered as pets.Dogs eat each meat and vegetables,typically mixed along and sold in stores as pet food.Dogs typically have jobs,together with as police dogs,army dogs,seeing eye dogs,fire dogs,traveler dogs,looking dogs and sheepdogs.

Types of Dogs foods:-

Wet Foods

Dry Foods


The above mentioned types are well explained below:-

1)Wet Foods



These are foods with a high wetness content.Sometimes steamed at high temperature to sterilize them and are then sealed besieged (although not always).

These embrace cans,foil trays and pouches and also the contents embrace chunks in gravy,chunks in jelly and meat loaf formats.

Frozen or chilled pet foods in baggage are accessible.



2)Dry Foods

These are foods that have low moisture content. They include extruded foods

(shaped pellets or kibbles), flake foods (flaked cereals) and biscuits/mixers. These

Dry Dog Food

Dry Dog Food

are often packed in bags, but biscuits which are to be offered as treats may be packed in smaller boxes. Dry foods still contain meat – which may be added in a fresh or dried state. Dry food may be offered dry, or owners may wish to add water or gravy to the food, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.





Semi-moist food

Semi-moist food

These are the soft pellets with a very chewy texture and they are generally packed in the sachets.

Many of the treat products are made in a very semi-moist format.And is given to the dogs.

They can run to your dog as associate degree occasional treat, however they must not be thought-about a diet in themselves, as they are doing  not  offer the nutrition that your pooch  needs.




4)Home Cooked:-

Some dog homeowners price the power to be in complete management of their dog’s

Home made dog food

Home made dog food

diet. A home-cooked diet permits the owner to understand sure|sure enough|sure as shooting} precisely what’s in each issue their dog grub and to be completely sure that his nutritionary desires area unit being met. Feeding your dog a home-cooked diet is time overwhelming and pricy, however many house owners suppose the additional effort is definitely worth the peace of mind they gain. If you opt to feed your dog a home-cooked diet, retrieve at home with canine nutrition therefore you’ll be able to make certain your dog isn’t missing out on any very important nutrients.

Choice  Between Dry And Wet Foods:-

The choice of wet or dry is with the owner depending on what they view as the best  pet food for their pet. Pet owners will generally choose food on the basis of how much it costs,whether their pet likes it or not,and according to their own interpretation of what their pet will enjoy.

Many choose to ‘mix and match’ wet and dry foods at each meal.

When dry food is fed your dog will need more fresh drinking water but this should be available to all pets whatever type of food they eat.

These above mentioned are all the types of foods which one should give to his/her dogs.

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