Dogs Vaccination Schedule

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Vaccine is given to make the immune system strong enough to fight against certain diseases which are harmful for the organism. Vaccination is the easiest way to give your dog a long and healthy life. Not only the vaccine for a particular disease they are also given the combination of vaccines. Since a vaccine is given to protect the dog against a disease but it too have some side effects or risks. Vaccination is a procedure which have both benefits and risks to the dogs life. The vaccine is used to prepare the dogs immune system to fight against the disease. Vaccines are dived into two categories i.e. Core Vaccines and Non-core Vaccines. Core vaccines are the common vaccines which are recommended for dog of every breed where as Non-core vaccines are recommended for a certain breed of dogs.

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Dogs Vaccination Schedule

A puppy is needed to have vaccination in the first year are scheduled. The dogs vaccination schedule is necessary to prevent the dog or pup from various diseases as the immune system develops in that period of time. Every veterinarian schedule the vaccines differently depending upon the risk which can be faced by the dog. Dogs vaccination schedule must be maintained properly as they are in need of the vaccine to be protected after a certain time period.

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vaccination for the pups

vaccination for the pups

The vaccination given to the dogs and puppies for particular diseases are: 

Distemper : This vaccine is for an airborne viral disease which harms the lungs, intestines and brain.

Hepatitis: This vaccine is given for the viral disease of the liver.

Leptospirosis : This vaccine is given to protect the dog from a bacterial disease of the urinary tract.

Parainfluenza : This vaccine is for infectious bronchitis.

Parvovirus : This vaccine is given to make the dog safe from a viral disease of the intestines.

Rabies : This vaccine is to protect humans and other animals  from a viral disease caused by the dog bite.

Corona : It is a vaccine for the viral disease of intestine.

Bordatella : Vaccine for a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory system  which causes cough in kennel.

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The possible dogs vaccination schedule is:

Dogs Vaccination Schedule
Age  Vaccinations Other Vaccinations
6 to 8 weeks Distemper, Measles, Parainfluenza Bordatella
10 to 12 weeks DHPPs Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordatella, Lyme disease
12 to 24 weeks Rabies None
14 to 16 weeks DHPPs Coronavirus, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis
12 to 16 months Rabies, DHPPs Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Boradetella, Lyme disease
Every 1 to 2 years DHPPs Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme disease
Every 1 to 3 years Rabies (as required) None

DHPP: Vaccine for Distemper Hepatitis Parainfluenza and Parvovirus


Vaccination for Dogs

The dogs vaccination schedule according to the age, breed and health condition. The vaccination is given after examining certain conditions and things like: exposure to the disease, breeding condition, and the geographical location where the dog lives.

Some highly preferred vaccines which are given to the dog in combination are:

5- way Vaccine:  This vaccine includes adenovirus cough and hepatitis, canine distemper, parainfluenza and parvovirus.

7- way Vaccine: This vaccine include leptospirosis and coronavirus in addition to the 5-way vaccine.


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