Dutch Rabbit

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Rabbit is one of the most popular pet all over the world. Dutch rabbit is one of the best Dutch-Rabbit-Breedrabbit breed in the world. They are the oldest domestic breed and popular breed. They are easily identifiable because of their colour pattern, marks on their body. They are considered as the American grand champion Dutch breed. They have originated in Holland in 1850. That’s why they are also called as Hollander Rabbit. In 1864, this breed found its popularity in England and been exported to different points around the world. They were the first choice due to their Dutch marks all over the body.

Body Structure:
Dutch rabbit looks beautiful in colour and its physical design is great. They are fairly small in size. The head is small and round. Their ears are short, thick and stand erect. Ears are fairly broad at the base. The eyes of this rabbit are small, bold and rounded. The mouth is quite big compare to head. Their body is round in size. There is a small room in between their shoulders that you should put two fingers.

1-baby-black-and-white-dutch-rabbits-jane-burtonTheir front feet are even with their eyes. Their back is upright compared to the head. Front legs are smaller than the back legs. They have also small nails.Their bag legs are straight, big and well apart. They have a smooth hind quarters and a shoulder which is quite narrow than the hips. Dutch rabbits are not so heavy in real, but they feel twice as heavy. Their weight is around 1.5 kg to 3 kg. They have short hair and a smooth, glossy coat which is more attractive. Some marks are on their body through which this breed is easily identifiable.


This breed rabbit generally comes in six colours. They come in black, blue, chocolate, Dutch rabbitgrey, steel and turtoise colour. The black coloured Dutch are dense with glossy black coat. The blue coloured Dutch have a medium blue grey coat with round neck collar of grey colour. Rich chocolate brown coloured coat is one of the attractive rabbit among this category.

This breed rabbit is so energetic, quick and intelligent. They always want to live with their masters. They are playful, joyful and funny in nature. They can play with humans. This breed is suitable to play for children up to 10 years old. Their maximum life span is about 15 years. Rabbits are active during morning and night time. They usually sleep during mid day. This breed is fond of running and jumping. This behaviour is the good sign of a perfect healthy rabbit. Sometimes rabbit may aggressive in behaviour. Normally they bite in when they are in aggressive nature. It is just an exception.

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